CQ and an uproar

Captain Quarters when released we will simple be able to walk around our cabin and look at a ship.  That is it.  No interaction with others, no secret missions inside stations.  No fighting inside.  Standing in a  cabin looking around.  Oh yea and it is NOT OPTIONAL.

You think undocking in 30 seconds was bad before?  Just wait.

DO I want to look at my ships?  HELL YES.

Will that be AWESOME and cool HELL YES.

Will I want to pay money to not be able to leave the CQ?  No I won’t.

Teadaze has announced that he will not resub and is leaving.  Sad because I voted for him.

Mynxee is disillusioned with what she has seen.

SO I am of two minds.  Yes I want to see what is coming, but dear lord am I unconvinced that I will like or even enjoy it for more than 15 minutes.  Two years, Three years, however far back you go for WiS or Incarna or whatnot for something that will last 15 minutes and is NOT optional. Every time you dock ( from what we know)

I am trying to stay positive and NOT get BOVS ( bitter old vet syndrome) but when 75% of the eve bloggers ( my estimation) and veterans from all over start throwing in the towel (Tea and others) and when I have been asking why are we doing this and people say ” don’t worry just enjoy it”.  This stubborn ole mule starts to wonder WTF is going on?  Hence my questions.

I do not have the answers and the further along we go the leading informational indicators ( CSM reps) start saying ” Uh OH” I pay ATTENTION!

I am a long term planner.  I know where I want to go have charted a course and am taking measurable steps to get there.  This is my nature, I cannot nor do I wish to change it.  The better informed I am the better I can make my plans both  flexible enough to withstand any change & measured enough to chart progress.

To date:

  1. we gain an avatar
  2. we walk around in CQ
  3. we walk around in stations
  4. we have missions in stations ( clandestine secret stuff)
  5. we fight/ build/live/etc in stations

Where the hell did my ship go? I LIKE my ships, I have TRAINED for them, and now it seems as if due to popularity of the MMO genre about controlling an Avatar, now we are racing to catch up to WoW (which I played) AoC ( I also played) LOTRO ( I have played) Guild wars ( I have played) where instead of controlling your ship you control your Avatar.  Is THIS THE direction I want EVE to go?

No it is NOT.  Will My single voice matter?  No, I am wise enough to not try to control that which I have no say in.

CCP is waking a razors edge here.  We shall certainly see which why they drag us over the razor blade.  Hang on tho..my prediction ( as with every other expansion.  A VERY rough ride.

Please do share your thoughts I thoroughly enjoyed reading the CCP=the Wind comments my thanks for the excellent insights!

I’m not the only one with similar questions:






Almost every one of them asks the SAME questions!

~ by Manasiv5 on February 19, 2011.

14 Responses to “CQ and an uproar”

  1. To me, Incarna will simply be part of the 95% of EVE that I believe sucks donkey balls. The remaining 5% is good enough to keep me playing until something better comes, which I doubt will happen (gj @ vaporware NetDevil and Reakktor). If the 5% goes down because of Incarna, then I will follow Teadaze into oblivion.

    There are many other universes I'm interested in, both sci-fi related and not, and if a bunch of vikings decide to break my fun I will just go elsewhere.

  2. Man I am seriously double-minded and conflicted on this issue and I was hoping that CCP would come to my rescue when I started seeing "real" news above this expansion of the game… but they didn't. Oh sure I think the "idea" of it all sounds pretty interesting in my head, but sadly we don't play Eve in my head (which is sad, cause it is an extremely great game in there!) so all we have is everyone's list of expectations all of which are based on rumor, speculation and tidbits that CCP has given us over the years.

    It's time for some answers. Even small tiny itty bitty answers. Please.

  3. I just hope the new CQ serves Starbucks coffee.

  4. I just hope that I can still spin my ship the same way it works now….I mean what in the hell am I supposed to do when I don't feel like doing anything else? Spin the ship, its therapeutic even.

  5. I'm not going to start raging until at least Fanfest is finished in case some information is released there that may clear this up.

    My greatest concern is the total time it will take CCP to roll out the total Incarna expansion. Not because I have any special interest in it, though that "may" change in the future depending on what is delivered, but I would like CCP to return to its core of internet spaceships.

    The funny thing is when I mention the details of Incarna to non-believers their interest is increased. It seems the general public, those not already in the game, are quite interested, maybe as a substitute for Second Life or even The Sims?

    I've yet to figure out if this is a good thing.

  6. CCP emphasized that nothing is to interfer with current gameplay mechanics. You should be able to dock and undock just as easily as you do now.

  7. I think a wait and see game is the wise choice atm. RE: CSM remember they have clamored for a view of incarna for some time, what CCP showed them was most likely grossly unpolished/finished. [Yeah I know its probably the release version they saw 🙂 ]

    in all honesty I think Eve face greater problems than CQ/Incarna. Eve combat is dated and IMO needs an overhaul. Large fleet fights are not fun and would not be fun even if the lag went away. Sure they are stressful and demanding on the FC but for everyone else it is a mundane follow orders click target click weapons repeat. Individual players need to have more of an impact and meaningful decisions to make during fleet fights.

  8. Why not just wait and see what CQ and the first iteration of Incarna is like? Nothing wrong with being skeptical. But for those quitting a game before changes are made… If you enjoy playing a game today, why quit before changes are made in 4 months, that may not even affect your gameplay? The expression "cutting off your nose, to spite your face" comes to mind.

    • My thought was that Tea and Myxnee are so let down by what is to come ( remember THEY HAVE seen it)

      That is my worry.

      • Actually, my impression was that there wasn't that much to see (or that CCP was willing to show). While I certainly share their concern in that regard, it does make it hard to determine how things are going to play out.

  9. …you left the wonderfully well executed planetary interaction and the wondrous world of Dust 94673 or whatever off your list of recent CCP victories. Yeh, that was sarcasm.

  10. I don't think there should be any fear about game play with the CQs stuff. If anything it will immerse you just a tiny bit more into what eve is, a science fiction simulation and immersion experience. Your tabs will not magically vanish as Khamelean mentioned:

    “When you dock you will appear on the balcony by default. One important requirement in our approach to Captain’s Quarters is that none of it will get in the way of a veteran player. You can dock, repair and refit your ship, dump your cargo into your hangar inventory and talk to agents with the same ease as you currently have.”

    So, it is easy to get up in arms about the new experience, but really it is just piecemeal and better in smaller portions. Probably first only you in the CQ, then you can probably bring guests, then probably the shops or offices whatever, it'll all be step-by-step and designed to enhance to main focus, Spaceships.

    Those who don't want to participate in this sort of crap, can just stay in the docking area… hell I am a -10 Pirate no one lives in the station I do. So, either I have a lot of future space to buy up or, it is business as usual for me.

    ❤ Low Sec

  11. Incarna will be coming out in sections, the first being Captains Quarters. There were whole paragraphs in the dev discussing why. They gave very good reasons.

    "When you dock you will appear on the balcony by default. One important requirement in our approach to Captain’s Quarters is that none of it will get in the way of a veteran player. You can dock, repair and refit your ship, dump your cargo into your hangar inventory and talk to agents with the same ease as you currently have."

    That sounds pretty optional to me.

    Niether we, Mynxee or Teadaze has seen what Incarna is going to be. There were many complaints that from the last CSM gathering that CCP still has no idea what Incarna is going to be. I think CCP has a very clear design of what they want Incarna to be, but they are not yet sure how much of that vision they can accomplish in the time available.

    As an Example, say you know you want 10 features to roll out, but you know you can only put 5 features in the first Incarna expansion. Each of those features are only 70% complete and you're still not sure which of the 10 you will be able to finish on time.

    How do you think the eve community would respond if CCP announced all these 10 features and then only released 5? The point is, just because CCP hasn't told us what they are doing, doesn't mean they are doing nothing.

    • Actually Mynxee and Tea have a 200% better idea that WE do. They HAVE seen whgat is coming to a greater extent than the normal p[layer and they are clearly NOT happy.

      I do not want 10 features I would like a new ship class or two but actually a sov system that works, faction warfare system that works, and a long list of shit that is broken getting fixed before we play " space barbie"

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