The Mule's Point of View

Just so we get all are cards on the table let me try to explain why I have been so critical about EVE ( in ever increasing volume as of late)

When I joined EVE in 2003-2004 I was a simple miner.  I  very rarely COULD PvP  ( gate rats were nasty  then) When I came back to the game 2.5 years had passed.  Things changed my perceptions and I switched to being a 0.0 PvP pilot.

I had run missions for 6 months so that I had 8.5 standing with the Caldari Navy and could use their jump clone facilities and because I didn’t know any other way to make money.

I then hooked up with VNCTI ( Vahalla Navy) and these guy were poised to get into 0.0 space.  I trained exclusively for PvP from 2007 till currently.

VNCTI then merged with CEPTA and I have been in deep 0.0 ever since.

“SO manasi what do you like about EVE?”  I like the ships.  Period!!!!!

To me a “release” without new ships is nothing I even give a major “rats ass” about.

I could absolutely never ever run a mission again and be quite happy.

I never need/want to mine a planet

I do not trade

I do not build (aside from batches of ammo)

I simply like to fly ships.  That is it. Learning the in’s and out’s of the ship, when to engage/ when to NOT engage.  Learning when to use what type of weapons system.

Anyway I hope you get the point.  I like the ships, EVERYTHING else is ancillary (not cared about, has very little effect on me)

Ok manasi so what you care about is ships, lets look at what has been offered in the “ship” line since 2007

Trinity (December 5th 2007)
(Heavy Interdictors) ~4 ships
(Electronic Attack Ships) ~4 ships
(Black Ops, designed for covert operations and Marauders, designed for long-range deployment)~ 8 ships
(Jump Freighters)~ 4 ships

Quantum Rise (November 11th, 2008)
No new combat ships ) Orca is debatable

Apocrypha (March 10, 2009)
(Tech 3 Cruisers) ~ 4 Modular Ships

Dominion (December 1, 2009)
(faction ship overhaul)~ 29 Ships changed
4 “naval” version of Battleships (changed stats)

Tyrannis (May 26, 2010)
( Cap ship changes/revamp Mothership now Super Carrier) ships 8

Incursions (Nov 4, 2010- Feb)
Sansha Super Carrier 1 ship

Since 2007:

New combat ships: 26 ( the Orca is NOT classified here, but that is debatable)
Revamped combat ships :49

Since 2008:

New combat ships : 4

For a space combat game revolving around PvP… 4 new ships since Nov 11th 2008, is a pathetic number.  Want the PvP pilots to be happy?  Give em a new class of ship, doesn’t take all that much to be honest. T3 Frigates?  T3 Battleships? End the ship drought!

So now we see…. give the Mule a new ship and he is “happy”, just a side note…I do not fly SC so no new ships since the T3 (that I could fly) is even more disheartening.

~ the Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on February 22, 2011.

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  1. More ships = more difficulty to keep everything balanced. I get your point though, but I can also see that at a certain moment you run out of ideas for ships. Some much wanted ideas like a dedicated salvager platform were added. I do hope we will see strategic frigates at some point still! And maybe other strategic hull sizes.

  2. Well you've convinced me to be glad you're not in charge.

    Also, I'm a little puzzled about your description of eve as a space combat game revolving around pvp. I always thought it was a sandbox, so I wonder if perhaps you have become confused and started thinking your playstyle and the purpose of the game are the same thing.

    • To each their own. To me it IS a space combat game. Am I in charge? No, never wish to be for that matter. Just because it isn't a PvP game to you doesn't mean it isn't a PvP game to me. To me the purpose of this game is to play in the style I wish. So I am not confused. I am not sure where we disagree though. You are in Widot IIRC, so why wouldn't you want to PvP with ships?

  3. I hear all 4 races will be getting new battleships soon. The Tornado being the Minmatar one.

    • As crappy as I think they "handled" the competition what a frigging waste of voting I tell ya…I am excited by the "THOUGHT" of new ships.

  4. Amen on the "I like the ships, period". Not much else keeps me in here.


    I just have to ask this: how DO you pay for the necessary ships you use in deep 0.0 ops if, like me, you are uninterested in all the money-making aspects of EVE?

    • I have made a few good finds while ratting in anomalies..kept me in ships plus our BS/Cap replacement program always kept me in ships without too much trouble. I would occasionally run anomalies, so all in all money wise I am ok for a bit. In a dire emergency I ahve 3 PLEX laying around

  5. When you define such a small area to be 'happy' about, then you are probably going to be unhappy.
    Plus, T3 ships count as more than 1 ship each, all things considered, they're about as versatile as the entire T2 cruiser range combined. (HICs, HACs, Recons and Logi).
    There is space for more ships in EVE, but the balance equation gets harder with every successive ship, that's why there have been less and less.
    SCs as a good example of why they should take their time introducing new ships.

    • well the other things do not make me "un-happy" I just like new ships, yes the T3 line is VERY versatile and one of the reasons I like them very much…still 3 years and 4 combat ships? surely they could do more? why not another battleship? Why not something else other than a command ship..possibilities are large ..

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