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Just because I happen to like Letrange I did a post in response to his question:

Currently we operate under the Rock /paper scissor paradigm. Frigates are fast cruisers trade  a lil speed for superior firepower, battleships are slow but more heavily armored, and have decent (sometimes incredible) DPS & Range.

Frigates/ Cruisers/ Battleships

One thing to note is that the T3 cruisers ARE very versatile so yes while it is only 1 hull there are MANY different combination’s and uses for them.  Where are they?  Why not other hull sizes?

Of course there are caps and certain offshoots of each but paper/ scissors / rock is the way it goes.

SO here are some ideas:

  • “Pocket carriers” ~ more nimble less fighters, lots of drones/ decent weaponry limited jump range but capable of using gates
  • T3 Battlecruisers ~ specialized modules for the BC sized hulls.
  • A fourth or even a fifth battleship for each race ~ we have the “PvP” versions and “PvE” versions why not something else? Planetary bombardment maybe?
  • T3 Frigates ~ specialized hulls for the frigates
  • Capital HIC ~ a special capital sized vessel that puts up a warp disruption bubble that is huge(50KM +).
  • A different Cruiser HIC that acts like a web rather that a warp disruptor
  • 2 or more frigates/Cruisers/Battlecruisers/Battleships that combine together

Having played my fair share of World of tanks why not the equivalent of Artillery within AU’s  a small AOE but a nice big hit.

There are MANY ways to go.

Some people are concerned about balance, as long as ships are created within the the 4 races balance can be maintained.  As for “this is Uber etc FOTM”, that doesn’t matter there will always be FOTM.  I happen to loathe Drakes as they offer too much protection as compared to the other BC hulls, but they also have less individual DPS.  Oh yea and missile spam is a way to break RR groups and logistic pilots as “server chaff” basically blocking them from doing there job.  It IS a tactic and quite effective, so whether I like it or not, matters not. People will change the way ships are used Drakes are just an example.

If CCP creates the ships the tactics will evolve.

Why not something smaller than a frigate, why not larger than a titan?

Ideas are limitless.

I hope that helps you letrange 😉

~ by Manasiv5 on February 23, 2011.

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  1. Not sure about artillery, don't bombers fill this role already?

    I did have this thought last night about a module that has the MWD-killing power of a scrambler but with bigger range, oh and no "point" just a means of shutting down someone's MWD from 30km? 20km? TBC.

    One could also imagine a ship that projects a field of this like a heavy interdictor, although I'd love a sub-capital that projected this onto the whole grid! if this ship is there and the module is running then no-one gets to use MWDs. (ABs still work fine.)

    I suggest this as I think that past frigates and a couple of niche ships (Cynabal, T3, logis, Armor HAC gang) you always fit a MWD. Hell you could make the single target version part of a T3 frigate and the bubble one part of the T3 BC!

  2. yep those are good ideas. The gate breaker – I realy like that one). Here's a few more things we need/could use: Multi bomb launcher (4 bomb launcher highs – BB hull?) possibly with different range/payload mixes. Anti-cloak warfare (relatively rapid detection and reveal of T1 cloaks – harder for T2/Cov-ops). Make it hard enough that cloaks maintain their utility but fast enough to make afk cloaking a thing of the past. This would be a great capability to introduce T3 frigates with. System cyno denial dreadnaught sized capital (10 min system cyno jamming per cycle – realy expensive on fuel). Grid cyno denial BS. Not a ship: anchorable bridge disruptors, Anchorable cyno beacon disruptors. All needing 50-100m3+ space (sort of like SBU's but more tactical). Q ships (oh man I want Q ships) I'd even settle for armed merchant cruisers. The universe is dangerous enough that they f-en well should have evolved by now.

  3. Or have a ship that can carry an extra pilot (or piloted ship). I have never understood why this doesn't exist. Orcas have bays, so why can't I stay in my ship when I park it there? It'd open up all sorts of gameplay. Criminals could be "smuggled" and gank tactics would change. Ninja salvaging as well.

  4. What I miss the most from the space games of old is the "killing humongous stuff with extremely tiny stuff". Apart from a few OMFGFAIL occasions, this just doesn't happen in EVE.

  5. Or how about a Capital Class tackler? Or a ship that can actually shut down a Gate for a small period of time? Or a AOE weapon that disrupts the overview? Or let us pilot fighters? Or… heck I could go on and on.

    That's the great thing about Science Fiction, the ideas are endless. Now we just need moar!!

    • I like the idea of a ship that can shut a gate down for a small period of time. That alone would make low-sec a much more viable as it could be reasonably defended at that point.

      If a ship like that could maybe shut down a low-sec gate for say a few minutes, maybe a 0.0 gate for double that time. Make it use either Ice Products and possibly have cycles?

  6. Mmmmm, something smaller than a frig… could I control it with an FCS? Plz plz plz with sugar on top ??? 😀

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