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A couple of follow ups:

I DO want to walk around and see my ship in case someone thinks otherwise.  I just don’t think it will ADD anything worth a damn other than pretty pixels. If I wanted to fawn all over something I’ll go to the room next to mine and visit my wife.  If I want to fawn over myself I’ll go to a mirror.  Space barbie indeed.

It seems that MANY people do want  some new ships, you want to PvP vets off your ass CCP?  Give us a new ship or two you might be surprised.  Until we actually DO get interact with something besides the silly Captains Quarters, this is a spaceship game.  Give me a new ship.  The whole design a ship debacle ( Was it one contest, or two?) Did we actually pick a winner?  Did CCP?  Will the ship ever be in-game?  Certainly CCP has been very mum on this idea and FFS (facebook to vote?, Why not EveGate for petes sake?)  Admittedly I am passionate about ships and rumors of new ones had me jazzed but now kinda …cynicism has set back in.


If I didn’t give a rats ass about this game I would not write about it and make suggestions.  I do care about it and hope that things will evolve in a way that I think is positive, but yes again it is my opinion here not anyone else’s!  If your opinion is different feel free to express it, and if coherent and logical I will read it.  I won’t change my mind but I will read it. If you just spit out the normal crap ( a la EVE:O forums)  I’ll just delete it and mark as spam.


Life after the Alliance is much quieter.  I can actually think and take time to be with Mrs. Mule ( no she isn’t a mule, she is a very patient woman who has to deal with my ass every day there should be some award I think)  I did get some flak from some goons as I am on the “alliance panel” for the 2011 FanFest.  According to the guy running it you do not NEED to be in an Alliance to come sit at the table ( About the fact that SYS-K disbanded) I asked BEFORE I confirmed, if  it would still be ok to sit at the table and I was told in NO uncertain terms I’d be welcome.   I am working on a funny presentation of not more than 5 minutes so if anyone has anything to “ask a Dev” I will post a page later next week and see if I cannot get some answer for you.


I am loathe to mention it for a fear it might hurt the servers ghosting it BUT there is a capsuleer replacement:

I have set mine up and so far so good.  We all lament the loss of so much effort on the part of Roc and Payjama Sam, but finally a decent replacement has arrived.  BTW I do/did like I clone but it was just too damned big.


CSM stuff.  2 votes will go to Roc @

He seems to have his head on straight and such and will probably reasonably not allow CCP to fall off the edge of the cliff.  Many seem to think that because 2 members of the CSM disagree with CCP about the direction the game is heading (TeaDaze and to a lesser degree Mynxee) that something is wrong with THEM, I think something is wrong with CCP when two of the CURRENT CSM crop say your going the wrong way.  Then again, I voted for both these people and I trust their judgment after reading all the reports and minutes ( yes I read every one of them) I’ve never read anything from CCP that makes me trust THEIR judgment. ( as far as FUTURE direction mind you)  I am “going with the dog I know”(Tea & Mynxx and the others)  versus the one I do NOT(CCP).  ( please forgive the dog analogy Mynxee, I got nothing but love for you 😉 )

2 of my other votes will probably go to either Seleene or Trebor Daehdoow, maybe both.


That is all for now

~TC and good hunting!


PS.  me in Hi-REs


manasi a.k.a. "the Mule"

A Mule in EvE


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  1. We will have to resign ourselves to the fact that anything we get for Free from CCP will be some version of crap.

  2. I can't say that I disagree with you on this. However, we have gotten new ships, just not ships for ever player type. We got the Premae, the Noctis and the Echelon. These ships are very specialized so they have nitch markets. I think you're looking for something that you can take out on a roam or a fleet op; something that you can use to do damage with or at the very least help someone else to do damage.

    We asked for ships and we got them, now at the risk of sounding ungratful we need to be more specific.

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