Exit light, Enter night

Something’s wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren’t of Snow White
Dreams of war
Dreams of liars
Dreams of dragons fire
And of things that will bite, yeah
Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

~ some lyrics to Enter Sandman from Metallica

TO me at least it seems the many people are grumbling or angry, of late.  Sadly too much going on in RL to even log in in the past few days, to say I been trying to keep and eye on things from a further distance than say 2 inches comes as no surprise, but I been reading a bit , and writing a fair bit enough to know that people are Really mad about a few things:

1) Botters/RMT ~ The huge thread the CCP Screegs has been posting in is worth reading if just for his responses that say ” things have been chugging along, we been trying to get up to speed as fast as possible.”  His comments simply are not enough to placate just how mad people can get at botters.  Any defense that is mounted is simply shouted down at “YOU’RE NOT DOING ENOUGH”.  People get invested in EVE, have strong opinions and are loathe to let them go. ( Myself included)

2) Pve or PvP.  Chances are most people do both these things. Most people that is.  You want to get a debate spun up faster than Han solo’s hyperdrive, start talking about this in any way shape or form.  My opinion is that way too much time has been spent on bringing people into EvE with the new content ( New PvE content I might add) I fee like Kwai Chang Caine (aka David Carradine : Kung Fu series) when he says to his master ” I just want to fight”.  THAT is what I enjoy.  Much less all the other crap that they have spent countless hours/months and years working on.  People in my mindset want to know “what have you done for me lately and are simply unsatisfied with anything else.

3) Politics.  Most people hate it.  Some people love it.  Most just love to hate it, whether you like it or not though the CSM has impact.  Maybe not impact they like, maybe not the impact they want, but impact none the less.

In all three cases the sheer AMOUNT of anger is what I have noticed. Maybe the “global recession” has hit people harder than they expect.

I think tapping in to the aggressive side of a personality is necessary to play a game as cutthroat as EVE, the side effect is that people get REALLY angry.

Of the three electrified rails I normally only touch the PvE /PvP one.  Most know my opinion some disagree some agree.  One of my biggest gripes is that to me PvP combat has gotten a bit stale. Next week I will start a series of three articles trying to see what questions you folks want to hear from the Dev’s.

TC and good hunting for now

~ by Manasiv5 on March 4, 2011.

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  1. Hey,

    A thought struck me while reading this. I imagine you like PvP in Eve as opposed to say Guild Wars is it has “meaning”? “Real” loss is possible. I why you dislike PvE so much, surely you see it as necessary to gain the funds to fight. If you dont have to work for those funds to fight then are you really having real losses?

    and if one side has to work for their funds and the other does not…then this may as well be caused griefing. I don’t particularly enjoy PvE, but I am not very good at PvP so I have to spend a lot of time doing it so I can afford stuff. Time I would to see improved and made better.

    I wonder who many people like PvP because their opponent suffers real losses and not that they risk their own real loss?

    Finally I ask, if all ships, ammo and mods were free would Eve PvP combat be enjoyable?

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