Attach thinking caps: Day 1

I will be headed to Iceland in short time to attend 2011 Fanfest.

During the next week or so I will be presenting you with some ideas and thoughts that I will be sharing with any Dev I can talk to for a minute or two.

The main purpose of my visit is to ask CCP/determine if I can  ” What are you going to offer the PvP player in the next year?”

I have some ideas to start with(props go to Gixxer who chatted with me last night about this):


Eliminate the ability for fighter bombers to attack structures, not fighters, fighter bombers.



This one little pebble has huge ripples.  With this one elimination of 1 thing, “structure game” is changed.

Here are some of the ripples I see:

  • Dreads get used again.
    • My Dread has all but rusted away with neglect and non use, if you do not have a SC for structures do not bother.  So it is a useless 1.5 B ship that I trained a hell of a long time for that is no longer used because it isn’t a fighter bomber launched from a  Super Carrier
  • Battleships get used again.
    • With a few exception Battleships are no longer even used in structure fights
    • I like Battleship fights they tend to last longer
    • I enjoy a large array of battleships slugging it out
    • It is not terribly hard for even a lower skill pilot to be able t fly one effectively ( but if they are not used what is that pilot going to train for A Super Carrier?)
  • Super Carriers after the proposed changed are (just like titans) for bashing capital fleets & to plink structures with fighters.
    • They can still launch fighters against structures just not bombers.
    • Which also invigorates the Carriers use again ( why not field 14 carriers at 1B a pop vs a ship that cost 14B and only fields 20 fighters?
  • Smaller groups (Who do not have a SC) can actually get into the “structure game”


  • Super Carriers lose the I win button in Sov “Structure game” warfare
  • The Projection of power is admittedly somewhat diminished.


That is my first idea I will be presenting.

I will add my other ideas later ( about changes to the Sov mechanics).

What I need from you people is your solid concrete idea, with logical approach that I can bring to a Dev for you.  Think it through and then post a comment.

TC till later and as always “good hunting”

~ by Manasiv5 on March 7, 2011.

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