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Hey guys a great service is Vote matching run by Dierdra Vaal:

According to the way that I answered I found the following 5 candidates that matched with me:

Seleene (69%)

Two step (63%)

Vile rat (62%)

Sokratesz (61%)

Meissa Anunthiel (61%)

Interestingly Trebor only hits 58%

Trebor Daehdoow (58%)

Seems that I match very closely with a former CCP’er now Seleene ( a.k.a. CCP Abathur)

Mark Heard
Body Count Inc.(BDCI)
Cascade Imminent worked game design for over three years at CCP, I’ve had to apply creative thinking to a variety of play styles and have a broad perspective on EVE, both as a player and a Dev. My main priority will be the iteration and balancing of current features. I want to see new content as well, but iteration of current game play would virtually guarantee new content as part of the process. I want to see everyone have an equally enjoyable game experience whatever their play style.

It’s going to be a hard road to walk because this year CCP is adding a whole new side to EVE with the introduction of Incarna. It will be very hard to strike a balance between “spaceships” and “avatars” for CCP, but also for the CSM in advocating that balance and keeping a finger on the pulse of the community to make sure EVE not only sees shiny new stuff, but is also taken care of and improved.

EVE is more than just a game. We all may have different fun factors and challenges with it, but at the end of the day EVE is important to fight for, because it’s worth it!

I will do this sevral times between now and vote closing and see if anything is altered or changed.

Tomorrow I will list the issues I mentioned yesterday’s Post

~ by Manasiv5 on March 8, 2011.

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