Thinking cap continued

Wow so many people commented about ideas to ask CCP at fanfest.  LOL not really actually.  I think comments are well kinda bugged atm.  While I do love intense debate this is the third time I am having issues with comments and such so well I am getting a little grumpy at them(intense debate folks).


I have never been to Japan but wish to go there in a  big way.

I practice Kenjutsu and have in the past trained in Aikido.  I am trying to learn to speak and read Japanese.  Sadly Japan got hit by a major Earthquake.  The resulting Tsunami threw crap all over the wonderful country and well, they deserve a bit of help.

I got a mail from a fan ( at 4AM my time mind you) who wanted me to pass along well wishes and thoughts for our friends in Japan and the hope that CCP might step in and help them a bit like they did with Haiti & New Zealand.

I will be sending what I can to the American Red Cross, and see what else comes to help them out.


we now resume our normal blog post

SO the second major idea to present to Developers at FanFest is change Low security space in some way.

  • Eliminate the GCC ( global criminal countdown )
  • Eliminate the Security Status hit
  • Keep the gate guns
  • Allow HIC ( Heavy Interdicton Cruiser ) bubbles  (Warp disruption fields) but not the light interdictors.

The GCC is idiotic it basically traps a player from engaging another target in Low sec for almost 30 minutes 15 M GCC 15 minutes for the other warning ( slipping my mind atm)

The Security Status hit for attacking ships shoudl be eliminated, if you wanna keep the one for pods, fine.

The gate guns do offer a measure of protection as the HIC or any other would still have to survive them and no permanent camps would be possible.  Yes this would make low sec dangerous for the unwary and unprepared, but it should be that way.

For those that do not know HIC cannot be repped ( except with their own reppers) while the interdiction field is lit. This provided with gate gun fire ( which is not a joke for some) that mechanic, would prevent unlisted camping as eventually a HIS would have to drop his bubble to leave/or repair.

Again just my second idea about what would help the game, get back to it’s PvP roots.


The planned website theme change blew some crap up so I will be tinkering a bit if something looks out of whack let me know.  Contact info is in the About page.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 11, 2011.

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  1. Lowsec needs a serious buff, but this is not the buff it needs.
    This will only polarise lowsec towards piracy and nothing else, with no targets, even more than it already is.
    Is that what you want?

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