Fare thee well SYS-K

So SYS-K is done.  Disbanded all nice and neat.  Sad to see it go seeing how much work went into it. Such is life.  I have been to 2 ship launches, and 3 decommissioning of ships(naval and non-naval) and it felt like a decommission of sorts.

Founded 2008-06-17
Closed 2011-03-13

There has been a distinct lack of playing time by yours truly for the last few weeks or so due to RL being very hectic.  My brother is having a child so honestly there has been other stuff to think about lately.  Little clone is “prepped for launch” and may come while I am away at FanFest 2011.

In other News CEPTA has moved on to join [-42-], a.k.a. Mostly Harmless.  CEPTA had quite a few options available to us.  We had offers from quite a few NC Alliances and such.  We generally fight and fight well.  I wasn’t on much so I do not know the whole story, but hell as long as I am in 0.0 I am fine with wherever I “hang my hat”.

I was able to spend some time setting up communications and such, and will be able to compare and contrast them with how we used to run things.  That should be interesting  and entertaining.


Some interesting reading in E:ON about Incarna, but I wonder how much will actually be coming.  To say that I am skeptical belies how little I actually trust that anyone knows what will be coming.


I also saw Kirth Kodachi’s post about the icon changes, high time they did that, it was a hell of a good idea Mr. Kodachi!


If in Iceland Kieth Nelson has a tweetfllet meet setup at “the celtic” for more info: http://keithneilson.co.uk/tweetfleetmeet-is-a-go/


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  1. It looks like you found some stability finally. The NC is nothing if not stable. Should be a nice break from constantly having to put out fires like back in SYS-K. Which CEPTA did as well as could be done given the situation down south at the time.

    Know, however, that I am now living off of the soft targets offered by the NC. No hard feelings. CEPTA is not a soft target and I look forward to crossing swords at some point.

    WRT how other alliances are run compared to SYS-K, well, let’s say that my eyes are being opened on just how good a well-run alliance can perform. Based on my limited experience, I just don’t see how running an alliance by committee will ever be as effective as the dictatorship model. Too many egos in Eve.

    • Amen ROX committee is VERY very difficult. One of the reasons that SYS-K could not react fast enough was due to that.

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