Getting ready for FanFest 2011

I am getting all my stuff ready for the Fanfest trip, as such I will be out of town and not quite sure if I can update my blog while I am gone But I will try.

I will be on the Alliance Panel and could potentially be interviewed by either Stevie SG ( which would be nice because then you all would be distracted by a lovely young woman) or by Soundwave ( in which case you’ll probably tune out) because none of us will be worth looking at.

I have maps already done, a schedule laid out and at least something close to a plan in place for what I will be doing.  Nothing survives first contact @ 100% but at least I know what I want to do and where I want to go.

@tweefleet meet is set and I will be going to that see CK and Trebor there as well as I am sure a few others. His blog is here :


I am NOT into “odd” food all that much so the rotten shark and Sheeps testicles etc will NOT be consumed by me.  Period.  Mule law #1 as a former Chef I always know what I am eating and if I do not know what it is I do not eat it.

I will be bringing at least my I-phones camera and will attempt to walk you through the tracks I go to at FanFest


Yes I will report if Stevie SG is really that nice looking in person but from all accounts she is. Also at some point I will meet with CCP Xhagen and I will tell you if he is as scary as his pictures make him look.

Sadly, I do not know if Mynxee will be there but I hope so.  Ladies who play Internet spaceships are cool. Check her website:


I hope that being at Fanfest will reignite some spark for PvP again.  If indeed I can ask a developer at Fanfest ” What is on the horizon that a PvP player like me might enjoy?”  I get the “bringing new people in,” I get the “we want more subscribers.” I want to know what will keep a veteran player intrigued enough to continue on…a ship a class of ships…something that the PvP player can look forward to.

We shall see what they say, and make a best guess estimate.

In the end, that is really all you can do.

If you have something cool to see or do while in Iceland and you want to comment and tell em what that is please feel free.



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