If your in Iceland

Come say hi!

I will be at the tweetfleet meet ( although I do not use it much) I may now that it has gone SSL. ( Wednesday night)

I will be on the Alliance and Corporation panel Thursday night 6-7 PM.

You can probably see me at the battle of the bands ( I’ll be solo so anyone needing a quick sub…) I can play Bass and Guitar decent and I suck on Drums but dear Lord you do not want me to sing. Not sure when the heck this might be as the HAVE NO GOD DAMNED scheduled release.

EDIT haha they heard ME schedule is here:


I plan on going to as much stuff as I can but till i see a schedule I have very little idea of what I will and won’t be able to see.

I might be interviewed by Stevie SG so all you a home that wish you were a big 6″4″ 230# American with a close cut haircut you can pretend you are me ! My head has a lovely shape I am told.. ( at least Mrs.Mule tells me this) {she wont be with me except in spirit, as she HATES cold weather} but… well this mule loves it.

( not sure when it will broadcast yet…)

Maybe I’lll see Shae Tinian and other notables! Trebor and maybe Roc? CK even? You never know do you?

Take care folks and do say hi if you see me!

I’ll update the blog if I know more once I get a damned schedule.


Good hunting ( I setup my Maelstrom so maybe I’ll get to fight tonight)

~Good hunting



~ by Manasiv5 on March 18, 2011.

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