T-minus 1 day and counting

SO by this time tomorrow I will begin “the journey”.

I should be in Iceland by 6:30 AM Iceland time ( GMT).  Then the tweet fleet meet in Iceland organized by Kieth Nelson.

I will see CK and Trebor there I think. ( I promised CK a drink, IIRC a long time ago, so I will have to fess up to that.

Lets see who else I promised a drink to:

1 to Roc

1 to CK

1 although by now should be 2 to Richie from E:ON (I promised to buy him a drink in Philadelphia in 2008 and never was able to do so) ( a Mule NEVER forgets )

Hell anyone from E:on for that matter

1 to Kieth Nelson

I that is it for now.

For those curious the current exchange rate for ISK is 181 Krona to the dollar.  We shall see once I convert my cash into Krona how much I will have. ( this will help determine how badly broke i’ll be at the end of the trip 🙂 )

Looks like I will not be staying on the Cheap..Hilton hotels FTW! ( actually Very reasonable rates about the cost of 1 night in the Sheraton in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for 5 days)

Both the Alliance Panel and the interview will probably be taped, so I do not know when they will air.  I promised people in the states though that I would let them know.

Anyone from Iceland know where I can get a decent cup of Coffee in Reykjavik, Iceland? I drink a fair bit of it.  No i do not like the absolute crap they server at Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts coffee is good tho.

Hmm lets see…oh yes I will try to take some picture while there and post them as I can.

TC and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on March 21, 2011.

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