Pre launch complete!

Went to Mandril (Kieth Nelson’s) “tweefleet meet” last night and man was the place was PACKED!

I met the following people:

Song Li ( used to even be IN SYS-K way back in the Esoteria days) nice guy who was clocked on the head by the dang bar partition..that had to sting a bit, regardless of what he said. Many props to him for bringing his wife along…I was impressed to say the least.

Diane for, who I also rode with on the bus from kelflavik to Rekyajivik.

Petuyr ( a.k.a CCP Xhagen) who is big as a damn house but is a nice guy.

Mandril of course ( who lives in Iceland) gave me a little black #tweefleet band..hooray for free stuff.

CK ( yes I met the infamous CrazyKinux himself) bought him a  beer (killkenny) we commiserated a bit.

The two guys from Planet Risk show featured on SI.Rradio were really funny. Quivering Palm and Luminous Aaradakay ( I think I never got his second part of his name) made me roar with laughter, we had fun last night at the meet.  They gave me a card that said planet risk then I figured out who these two greek guys were 🙂

CCP Stillman was there ( he is the API guy) and has written a  bunch of dev blogs recently, i felt like an idiot as I could not even think of a good question to ask him but …well what exactly do you ask the API guy?

I had to bail at about 10:30 or so and I walked from the The Celtic back to the Hilton and crashed at about 11:35 PM After almost 2 full days up I had to sleep.

Today Ill be bringing my i-phone with me for the express purpose of snapping pics.

FF2011 actually kicks off at about 10:00 AM GMT so I have about 1 hour before I head there.

Oh one final note before I left the most gorgeous Icelandic girl/woman was about 2 feet away, corn-silk blonde hair cute as a button and damn…just damn….no the beer goggles were not in effect she was just a smoking woman/girl…yes I felt creepy for staring for about 10 seconds but then even MORE showed up. All the women in Iceland are leggy  svelte women with either blonde or jet black hair.  ( I did see one redhead which reminded me of Mrs. Mule) but I was a good mule! After about 10 minutes after the hotties started showing I had to get some sleep…did I mention I was up almost 2 days ? Yes I’ll snap some pics tonight/today and prove it to you all!

TC and good hunting.


P.S. You guys might find it funny but in order to turn on the electricity in my room I had to put my room key in a slot by the door ( I had to ask the front desk why I had 0% power 😉

~M out


~ by Manasiv5 on March 24, 2011.

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  1. The key electricity thing is an european thing. Practiced in 90% of our hotels. you should visit more often.

    Speaking of FanFest itself, I was very disappointed that Alliance Leader panel did not air on the stream. Did you by any chance see anyone record it? I would kill to see the panel on youtube.

    • dunno ghost I thought the TEST alliance guy did well as did alexy and DNSblack…I thought I was supposed to keep it short so…well it wasn’t very long.

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