Day 1: Survival

SO day one is “in the can as it were.  A short recap for you ( yes I have some good pics) this time.

1)arrived @ 9:45 or so waited like 5 minutes they opened the doors.

2) fansite badge ( the one I have) was given to me by CCP fallout ( assoc comm manager) nice woman to say the least.  Very friendly and helpful.

3) wandered around a bit and did ” live missions” which was a very fun thing to do they ask you trivia and such or make you do silly stuff for stars which lead towards which faction gets to host FF2012

4) first roundtable Community  second roundtable Fansites  with CCP fallout CCP wrangler, and one other CCP’er whose name I didn’t get, was good they talked about some proposed changes coming to the fansites and perhaps streamlining things together to be able to get all the info, the fansite list was admitted to be crap and they seemed very willing to fix/change it to be 10X better.

5) third roundtable was shit..”large scale PvP” they were asking US what the fix was…most agreed it was VERY complex.  I left after 20 minutes as the room was packed to the gills and I want to know THEIR ideas….NOT the fans. I was a bit disgusted tbh blunt.

6) did another “live mission” with of all people James Egan!  Great and very personable guy CCP shadow was seen and interacted with through out day 1.

7) interviewed by the grand poo-bah CCP soundwave but dear lord was Stevie SG looking hot.  I was in immediate lust to be honest about it. Smokin.

8) did the Alliance panel my presentation was short and no one really asked me any questions but I ahd fun and met the others and just kinda hung out…reading the monitor was impossible so my memory had to serve and with only 7 slides I forgot one of em…but such is life.

9) was in battle of the bands our group swedish aerostar ( or something like that) was formed when 3 ppl asked me if I could play bass.  I can and it was better than nobody so poof i go to go.

here are some pics:

The studio interviews were recorded in

STudio light burn in

SWAG galore!


Richie from E:ON


CCP Shadow

CCP Wrangler(right black shirt) CCP fallout (to his left)


CCP stevie SG and Seismic Stan ( not a great pic ill get a better one)

CK ( far right) CCP Hyponyic ( his last day he said) and CCP StevieSG and 1 unknown staff guy


last band of the night

After FF ended for this night I went out with Alexy Karrde, and the two guys from SI radio ( Quivering Palm and Luminous) went bar hopping and had fun most places were packed so after not wanting FF day 1 to end I headed back to the hilton and called it a night.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 25, 2011.

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