FanFest 2011 Day 2

SO day 2 is over and Damn what a day.

Some general thoughts, the preconceived notions one has are sometimes corrected best by actually meeting people and learning how THEY play eve online.

The 0.0 and PvP discussions sucked ass, I’m not pulling any punches here I am telling it like it is.  I simply walked out as the Dev’s trying to run it were asking for our input but they had no structure they had no format they would ask us a question to see what it is we thought about an idea or two for setting ship a or b right.  Never once did they ever step up and say here is what we are doing to fix the shit system we have made.It irritated me to no end that of everything I have now witnessed the PvP dev’s and the 0.0 discussions I walked out of it, as it had devolved into one person shouting over another trying to get a point heard.

The presentations I saw today were:

10:00 Dev track 1 Intro and IGB : A very good presentations that covered some new stuff they are bringing to the IGB via some new java calls and functions.

11:00 The Economy: Simply one of the best presentations I have seen given on a stage, the man clearly knows his stuff, how to engage an audience, how to eleicite responses from people who were trashed the night before…in the end aside from some new ISK sinks needed and Noxcium rising to very high levels the doc says economically wise the game is doing well.

13:00~ 0.0 space:  An abject failure of a presentation /discussion i left after 10 minutes.

13:00 instead I went to the Content creation presentation in Tranquility, a good one to be sure but meh… I’m just not that into PVE.

14:00 PvP: another dismal failure of a round table.

15:00 Keynote.  A good one that certainly makes no bones about where they are going with the Incarna stuff. They make no bones about the scope of the change, but stress that it will not detract ( notice I did not say distract) people form PvP.  You will finally be able to changes hull configurations of T3 ships in Wormhole space ( working out of a POS)

16:30 -19:30 We ate a little and the entire existing blog pack that showed up to FanFest got together and had a picture taken as well as talked quite a bit about what we thought of FF and CCP and Incarna etc…CK did the interviews of most of us and that was a load of fun.

20:00 the Chessboxing ( exactly what you might think it would be by the sound of it, was very cool to see live.

I have some more pics for you all:

Stevie SG  and crew at work:

StevieSG and CCP hypnotic..

CCP keynote

Content Creation Panel

Song Li's infamous bottle opener ring

Keynote address

CCP chessboxing


And then we went Out.
Oh My GOD.
The women in Iceland are very nice, and you get a perception that as a culture Icelandic people are just generally speaking decent people. They engage foreign folks with conversations, they ask questions, laugh at jokes all the things that a very gracious host does to people visiting his/her country. Did I also mention that the women here (I’m virtually covering Mrs. Mule’s ears here) are absolutely the most attractive women I have ever seen en masse as a group? Holy COW:
Case in point “Oliver’s has oh I don’t know… 10 female bartenders, all different women, all blond, all very attractive, to look at.

Siesmic Stan and I were with Luminous and Quivering Palm (the phenomenal planet risk show) Stan is married and so am I but we certainly looked. Quivering had women just walking up to him and chatting him up, luminous not to be outdone always had a cigarette or lighter or something the instant that some attractive young women wanted one. Watching these two in action took Stan and I back to our twenties, and I laughed so hard sometimes at the antics Stan prolly thought I would pass out.
Some evidence, apologies for the darkness the i-phone did ok ..but not great in low light.




One of the ladies attracted to cover over and talk to Quivering Palm.

Day 3 starts now I gotta run 🙂

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