Day 3 recap part1

SO, I am finally somewhat recovered, a little bit.

Last night CK, Song Li, his wife, Seismic Stan,Luminous Aardakay, Quivering Palm, Alexi Karrde ( Nior Mercenary group CEO),Diana from ETC, Richie from E:On magazine, all the Dev’s,  700-1000 eve Pilots and  + 1500 Icelanders all partied at the top of the world closing event. Oh my god.

My ears are still ringing a bit

Loud, yes but Incredible!

Deep bass thumping so many Icelandic women around eve players all wondering ” did we die and go to heaven?”

We did I think.

There will probably be three parts to this as CCP still has to tag and uploa

d the videos ( i still have not seen mine)

I was in the Alliance panel discussions and didn’t really say a ton  as I wasn’t asked much, but in every day I learned some REALLY important things.

1) No matter the pilot preferred style of combat they still all have a thing or two this old mule can learn.

2) All of us enjoy and really love EVE

3) The dev’s and CCP really love EVE.

Some of the things that pilots said to me were simply incredible.

“I didn’t think I could write a blog until you said give it a try”

“Thanks for writing and putting ideas out there I didn’t know what Sov holding alliances did and would not have tried it were it not for your writing”

here are some pics from Sat night:

Year by year stats

Long story short…no information on the summer release in any great amount.

Hilmar's talk

And then the party started:



People on the floor:

Vodka chick




SO more will be done today once I get all checked out of the hotel and get to the Airport.

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