FF Recap continued.

So now that I have a full blown few days to rest and recap a bit, some overall impressions some issues that I would fix and some things I would leave the same.

Overall impressions:

Icelandic people are awesome… ( this definition extends to people who live/ work for an Icelandic company) The seem to have a feeling of joy/ euphoria/contentment with their lives.  Most people I spoke with liked the fact that we were visiting as economically the country still is in kind of a messy state.  Icelanders were polite to me ( even when I shoved back in the massive crowd) they apologized to me for pushing me first.  Their women are just absolutely incredibly nice…and nice looking didn’t hurt… but generally speaking everyone was nice.

To sum it up… it is a cold harsh country who are the opposite of their climate, warm, friendly, even inviting, and probably as a group, very very resilient.

Things that need improvement.

1) A god damned coat check needs to be setup for night 3.  Hundreds upon hundreds of coats were all over the place and one of the guys I was hanging with lost his Car keys as people would take a coat off a hanger ( set it aside ( normally carefully)) and then hang their jacket up.  There must have been 2200 people and 1000 hangers, small little detail that should be set right.

2) Some of the rooms were tight specifically all the 0.0 and PvP focused rooms which were tight, very moderately climate controlled and packed with 10X more people than they should have had.

3) There was no sneak peek at anything. Not one thing was announced that was anything huge, no details at all were given out, especially when it came to PvP or 0.0 changes.  I asked and got a big fat nothing.  Unlike many of the presentations the PvP centered ones for 0.0 and the two others they wanted our feedback face to face rather than hearing what they were going to say.  It was all rather bullshit.  Which was irritating.

What I would leave the same

the following presentations:

CCP Dr.EyjoG EVE economy presentation

CCP Fallout, CCP Alice,CCP adida, CCP Wrangler~ Fansites and the Community RT’s A way to charge people for thrid party apps has been worked through so ppl can actually make money now!

CCP StevieSG, CCP Soundwave. ~ the awesome job they did with interviews. ~ I have not seen any yet.

Meeting the following:

Blogpack members:


  • Alekeysev Karrde ( CEO of Nior)
  • Song Li & his very nice wife

Tool Makers:

  • Aura Dev Marcel Devereux Aideron Robotics
  • Wollari DOTAN maps dev
  • I-clone Maker
  • ISK 3.0 guide writer ( hungarian) Halada

CCP staff:

  • CCP wrangler
  • CCP Fallout
  • CCP Shadow ( who was a judge in the day battle of the band s I was in AND a really cool guy)
  • CCP Soundwave
  • CCP stevie SG
  • CCP Xhagen
  • CCP Prism X
  • CCP smartflartblart (or something like that a nice looking  young lady with a  silly name)
  • CCP Dr.EyjoG
  • CCP Torfi Frans ( he was on my incoming flight with his wife and child, so I did not pester him ) 🙂
  • CCP Atlas
  • CCP Alice ( associate community manager so name could be wrong)
  • CCP Navigator

Excellent times all around.  If I did not mention you please remind me my mind is a still a  blur and I caught a nasty cold/Flu so the brain isn’t working all that well right now.






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