Finally a video

Hey guys getting over my cold still but in some good news:

  • A mini niece of Mule was born!
  • The First video from Fanfest with me in it was uploaded.

It wasn’t bad for me ad-libbing but the shown was really stolen by TEST Alliance’s Michael Bolton.  I enjoyed the panel and no one asked  any questions, but it was still fun.  I had been hoping to elaborate on some other points through questions but well it seems TEST, NIOR, DNS, and GOONS were, well… more appreciated.  yes I am the big guy on the Far right with the Minmatar shirt and the very close cropped hair.. 🙂


If any more get uploaded ill link them.


~ by Manasiv5 on April 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Finally a video”

  1. Very interesting stuff. I am taking notes here. I’m one of those alliance people who likes to do too much on her own. Kinda why I had take a break last year. This time around however I am surrounded by so many proactive and motivated players, a rare and valuable commodity to be sure. Thanks for drawing some extra attention to this recording, as I missed it at Fanfest, and I’d have probably checked it much later as I am going very slowly through the recordings where time allows for it.

  2. Thanks mate the thing of it was is that we could not see the screen to be able to actually read our own slides.

  3. You did pretty well considering the amount of material you had to cover, the size of the audience and the ad-lib nature of your delivery.

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