New horizons ahead?

For those of you who have been following me the last couple years thanks!  For those just joining us, welcome aboard!  The travels have had highs and lows but for the most part have been enjoyable.  The last 3 months have been spent in a sort of non playing sort of playing while decompressing from helping to run an old alliance that we could not keep together through sheer force of will.

One of the main objectives in going to FF 2011 was to re-evaluate and see if I wanted to keep on playing.  NO This isn’t goodbye, it is a new Hello.

My stubborn eyes were opened to new and other types of gameplay.  No not PvE I have no desire for that, but honestly aside from fighting other people there was very little else that I wanted to do.  Then I met the Guys from Planet risk show.  I also met Alek from Noir mercenary group and tons of other pilots who simply played the same game but did their own thing.  My respect for other playstyles has evolved.

The next big decision is what do I want to do?  Rather than mope around that the “end game Sov mechanics” won’t be fixed for anywhere between 12- 18 months, I used the time at FanFest 2011 to learn how others did what they do and why they enjoyed it.  I also asked at FanFest 2011 when we would be getting a new ship/new class/ etc for us vets to be able to play with…the answer was unclear, no matter whom I asked. So the two main driving forces keeping me playing were A) no going to change anytime soon and B) no information could be found out.  It seems that EVERYTHING at CCP was moving to avatar based stuff and everything else was given a back burner.

So long story kept short is that at some point in the near future I might change what I want to do.  Maybe pirate, maybe Merc, maybe wormhole dweller, who knows.  My mind is still not 100% made up as I need to talk to a few more people first, but with no fixes coming to Sov, no new ships a coming, perhaps I can just change the way I play and see what else will happen.

Was I happy that the focus in the game is taken AWAY from the ship…? No I am not, but in order to attract new clientele you ahve to adapt to what people are used to.  People are used to an avatar walking around and interacting with the environment.  The reason I was unhappy about the change is because in my opinion it will lead to a DECLINE in PvP. People will want to look out their windows and play around and whatnot.  Granted without being able to actually DO anything inside a station the initial DECLINE will be rather short lived, but what about when you CAN opt out of fighting for months/weeks/years.  I am still on the fence about that… but time will tell.

I went to FF2011 seeking answers and came away with nothing concrete except that perhaps the answers I was looking for could not be found because my question was not spelled out clearly enough.  I was frustrated to no end that in the PvP and 0.0 discussions CCP wanted to know what we thought about certain things…dammit the forums and blogs and podcasts are FULL of what we think…. I wanted answers that clearly they clearly could not provide.

I am reminded that when one stares too long and anything bright often we have tendency to have a “hole” in our vision and I too suffered from that, but no longer.  New Horizons await in EvE and once the mule locks onto it…look out i’m coming full on, no brakes, pedal to the medal, to Quote David Farragut  ” DAMN the torpedoes FULL speed ahead!”

Take Care pilots and “Good Hunting!”

~ by Manasiv5 on April 5, 2011.

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  1. Good to change direction ever so often for a change of view and notice other things in the process. Would be interesting to read if you go WH’s or whatever is on the horizon.

  2. Go wormholes! It’s the best of most worlds, with small gang PVP, difficult logistics, excellent isk, and if you ever need safety, all you have to do is camp one wormhole entrance or collapse it.

    Just…don’t join AHARM. They cheated once, and are a pretty rotten corp.

    • If I do decide to go in that direction I\’ve already got a VERY good corp in mind see \”planet risk show\”.

  3. Welcome to the rest of the sandbox. As we’ve discussed, my hat’s off to those who put in such time and dedication as yourself, but there are other more casual ways to fly internet spaceships…uhh, dress avatars…uhh, exploit planets, uhh whatever else CCP gives us. 0.0 will still be there when you hear the call again.

  4. I have a vision of a future EVE where those that dwell ‘in-station’ will become their own demographic, and when miners or pirates or explorers come in to their domain those that fly will be treated with respect, those that pew pew with awe.

    Sure the fabric of our tight little game- a universe wide, but tight knit none the less -will become an even brighter tapestry with a niche for anyone and everyone. It will be a journey to that vision, but I for one am excited to see what happens along the way.

    Thanks for hearing me out

  5. Don’t do that . . . read the first half of that post and thought you was going. Yup, change is good. Explore the options and see what is out there. Who knows? Maybe Mrs Mule will like the Avatar side.


  6. EVE is always better after taking a break, or three. Which probably explains why I log on so sporadically and still have my 100% efficiency in my new corp 😀

    Take it easy, and I’m sure your way will light up at some point.

  7. Well said m8. I honestly suspect that this journey is a never ending one and part of the fabric that makes Eve… well, Eve.

    If you ever have the inclination to hang out with a bunch of nuts who like to fight good fights, have fun, hang out and fly whatever we feel like at the moment we feel like it, the door will always be open.

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