Frustration combat

SO lots of things changing… all over.

Editor’s note I Am NOT frustrated…but MANY people are!

Lets recap:

  1. Mynxee , Teadaze, Vuk Lau, etc stepping away for a time. 3 of 9 CSM stepping away I think shows three things:
    1. Burnout on the CSM is a easy thing to do
    2. There really only is one step left, if after talking to CCP,  they decide to implement a thought/ design/ philosophy you cannot work around
    3. They know stuff we do not, and some are unhappy about it.
  2. FF2011 a very few actual details were announced leading many to wonder WTF is going on.  Turrets are awesome in demonstration. That however is NOT enough for the EvE citizens in a large degree.
  3. One of the things that is announced and promised etc for quite some time now blows up in their faces. ( the forum debacle)
  4. We will be able to walk around in our quarters come this summer’s expansion. The Avatar will take prominence rather than the ship, this change while good for many has some groups irritated ( they cannot take part if in wormholes, if there IS not station, what about titan/SC pilots who cannot dock?, and if they do not WANT to do it they will be forced to.
  5. We know almost nothing about when DUST514 will launch.
  6. We know almost nothing about the details surrounding the Incarna expansion.  We get to walk around in our quarters that is it?

For every bit of new info they give us we ask 3 new questions.

  1. Will wormholes be iterated on?
  2. Will we ever get a new ship class ( T3 frig or T3 BC?)
  3. Will Sov system be reworked? (because it sucks ass so much)
  4. Will faction warfare be looked at ever again?
  5. Will this game turn into Super capitals online?
  6. How will DUST integrate in?
  7. Is all the new content as unpolished as the new forums?

The changes made by BFF team (an absolutely idiotic  name by the way) has been praised over and over again as they make living in EvE easier/better/simpler. This is a positive change and more than welcome.

Each of these things feed upon themselves.

Have you ever been in a  corp/alliance and someone high up leaves and then others do too, some you did not know would do so?  I have seen it first hand. It happens a great deal, human behavior is tricky. This leads to an increase in frustration.

Have you ever put in everything you have and then the thing you were trying for did not go your way?  Failure of 2 iterations of SYS-K taught me a great deal. To say it wasn’t PAINFUL is to lie. To not learn from the loss would be idiotic, you get smarter by defeats than victories. Seeing people doing things that you believe leads to failure and them not changing something is also  frustrating.

Have you ever been so frustrated that you yell and scream at the PC?  Yep I have done that as well.  Most people I know with have gotten to this point more than once.

Have you ever know someone on the Internet that doesn’t like to bitch and moan about something? Yes even yours truly has done that as well. SO you yell and yell and yell and hope to god that SOMEONE is listening

Have you ever done anything that a group likes and then the group asks you to do MORE of it?

EvE is an Experience.  It is the epitome of frustration, the burning lust of desire, the adrenaline rush of CONTACT, and the crushing pain of abject defeat.  Yet we cannot ( most times) pull ourselves away from something with this much impact on our daily lives.  EvE technically is a game, it is easy to say “do not log in” but when you have spent years of time playing it, trying to master it, relearning it over and over and over again, not logging in…. is to throw away all you have learned.

I get the frustration behind kieth’s post here:

I understand some the frustration level felt by  Mynxee and Teadaze, and others :

I feel the frustration of the community that I met at FF2011 with no details to speak of want to know why people were yelling Fuck Yea?  It was the only detailed piece of information we were given and we wanted MORE!

I understand and echo the frustation of Helecity Bosun post here:

I join with TheElitist the others about how idiotic CCP was regarding a critical informational channel.

Why are people so frustrated?  Lack of clear communication… and the wonton destruction of trust regarding the forums as a communications channel with CCP.

Easiest way to combat frustration is give people info, fastest way to increase frustration is destroy any faith in a given information channel(forums). Lets hope the right the ship rather quickly… we are leaning WAY over on the port side

batten down the hatches all, and pray tht the water doesnt rush into the gunports!

Good Hunting


~ by Manasiv5 on April 11, 2011.

8 Responses to “Frustration combat”

  1. I’m keeping optimistic, because I know that while too little information leads to frustration, too many also does. Then we get to see things, and we expect to get them, and then some things simply cannot be done and we feel let down.

    You picked a good metaphor comparing this to a ship. Right now we are leaning to the “too little” side too much, before we were on the “too much” side. It’s time to swing again in the other direction, and hopefully end somewhere closer to balanced. It’s a slippery slope though.

  2. I think most of us can understand your feelings bro and agree with you, in a lot of ways I feel CCP has lost connection with its base core players.

    • ahh delta one 🙂 Good man you are I\’ll make sure to keep you updated and chat with you when I can bro 🙂

  3. Maybe I’m weird… ok, that’s obvious. But I don’t think like this about Eve, in fact I enjoy ranting and raving about it from time to time, but generally Eve just is. And whatever changes, revisions, modifications CCP makes or doesn’t make, doesn’t change the fact that Eve just… is. Sure I get frustrated, but only in-game and never out of game. I used to have a friend whose Father called them buckets, into each bucket he’d put his troubles. A bucket for work, a bucket for the house, the family, bills, etc. Maybe that’s what I’m talking about, putting things in their proper perspective. Whatever it might be, it helps keep the frustrations from becoming important or bigger than they should be.

    And that was a typical rambling comment. I apologize, lots on my beedy little mind these days.

  4. Bah, you are too frustrated, just too stubborn to admit it! 🙂 At some level it frustrates you to see a piece of something you love fall away. Be it the former Alliance, pilots you respect on hiatus or just a company making decisions without any real seeming understanding of the demographics they are reaching is all a bit disheartening.

    However, like many things before it, EVE has momentum and barring an outright, blatant closure, will continue to lumber forward on sheer momentum for years to come. Wow, and I am getting frustrated just scribbling down this response.


  5. Hello Manasi,

    I trust you are well. I very much understand your feelings, as I too am passing through such a moment in my EVE life. Hope it passes soon.


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