T- 5 days

Phase three for a Mule in EvE has a green light…ground control shows no bad weather patterns

…the board is solid green and we are T- 6 days from launching into the great unknown,

we are almost done in final preparations,  launch day is the 18th of April.

For my entire time back in EvE I have been with CEPTA ( in one form or another).  This group of very rugged individuals was kind enough to grant me a place to call home since 2007.  After FanFest 2011,  I realized much to my dismay that nothing would be done in the 0.0 / Sov warfare spectrum for at least 12 to 18 months.

I cannot wait that long, while something just dies a slow cold death, so I have set my sights anew and am going to venture forward.  I never do anything without a plan, which has taken some time, but now I should be all set to blast off to some new adventure.  I have hinted at it, in some past blogs since FanFest 2011, but the final destination I’ll let you folks know as soon as all the details are finalized.

A hefty wallet, a decent ship or three, should help me in the journey forward.

I will miss CEPTA, they are an incredible bunch, dedicated, hard working, and 200 times more fun than I ever thought I’d have.  Were it not for them I’d have walked away 2 years ago, they kept me intrigued and happy to be part of them.  They want to stay in 0.0 and I do not blame them, but I want out of the broken Sov mechanics, the no new COMBAT ships for  4 years ( aside from T3 cruisers), and the lagfest inducing monster that the large 0.0 battles have become.  Time dilation from what I can grasp of it will help many people out if it can be brought into the game.  The Sov warfare space holding stuff is just well…broken, I do not want to beat my head any more asking ” why is X and Y not working”, instead we chart a new course.

I still want large battles but I want to actively be able to play first…size of the battle is secondary to actually being able to fight.  Sinking hours/weeks/ months worth of time into something only to have things fall apart because you cannot give any more is a bitter pill to swallow, but life and EvE marches on, and so too must I.

I could not  wish anyone to find a better corporation (if they decide to start recruitment again ( I was a recruiting officer there) it would be a great home to a moderately skilled player).  They are certainly the yardstick by which others will be measured.

Some people as always deserve a bit of recognition:

CEO Carl Tremura a Swedish living, NJ born guy, who has always fought hard in anything he has done has my award for best all out “gank” player ever.  He fits ships to deal out as much DPS as fast as possible and flies some of the nastiest setups ever.  One hell of a diplomat he could sell Ice to the Inuit and they would thank him for it. Carl could have said “fly into hell”, and I’d have done it, you rarely always agree with everyone, but respect..I have that for him in vast quantities.

PvP Director Nitrov54, never ever underestimate the power of a single player.  Nitro taught me tha…t he has an ability to rally people to a cause and a mission like no other, he exudes confidence and power .  Where I may have force of will HE has the force of conviction.  You ever see him and want to know if you’ll survive?  You won’t… in the last 3 years I think he has lost something close to 10 ships and has killed well over 1200.  That is one loss for every 120 kills. Nitro would ahve led the charge flying into hell and taken it over.

PvP ops Director Gixxer 1000 An excellent strategist who does not mind telling it like it is, always a font of common sense and great counter setup wizardry he always made me laugh and smile , he and I did the recruiting together and I worked with him for a long while.Lately he has been out of game for a bit with various RL stuff but that particular voice always had me smiling. Gixxer too would have come along and convinced them that the takeover was a great idea.

Ops Director Moordor~  When Moordor showed up to a fleet I never died.  he always had my back and god love him I will miss his ability to save my ass when needed.  If I went out on an op and he didn’t show I would seem to die a great deal more often.  With “papa bear” on the scene I always knew he had my back.  I will miss you bro.

Niron ~ One hell of a linux coder between he and Brydan they kept my head on straight when we developed the framework we used for SYS-K 2.0 internal and external web pages.  Many late night countless hours were spent by the three of us working hard to help SYS-K 2.0 succeed and for the sheer amount of effort put in these two deserve medals. He and Brydan would have coded it so that we knew in hell where we were.

Delta One ~ My buddy, he wrote a mail yesterday that almost caused me to rethink leaving.  What can you say about a good friend who always is willing to do what you do and will always have your back? You treasure them as they are better than gold.

Pritch1~ the brit, who single handed made me, “up my game” in terms of PvP.  One hell of a pilot, a good joke teller, and just an all around awesome guy to fly with.  If you ever see pritch1 and Nitro  run the other way …you have been warned.

Dusk Nemisis~ Carl’s alter ego that pushed me hard to get more kills as I could, without his name at the top of our killboard it would have been hard to set a good goal ( he doesn’t play a ton anymore , but is still in the top3 deadliest pilots ( along with pritch1 and Nitrov54) I ahve ever been privileged to fly with.

There are many others and I could go on and on but enough wallowing.

Time to forge ahead.

Good Hunting all !

~ by Manasiv5 on April 12, 2011.

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  1. Manasi, totally unrelated to your post, but … umm…., why am I listed twice in the blog pack thing to the right? I checked CK’s site and I”m not listed there twice in the active pack (Ok I am listed twice if you mix the active and retired lists but still)…

  2. Aslong as you don’t leave eve!

    Who’s going to lead the mules around. See you in w-space soon =p

  3. Wish you the best for your journey! Looking forward to read about it! Also please send Pritch my regards: he was my mentor for the first missions – I won’t forget that! 🙂

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