T-3 Once more into the breach

Before I told the general folks at CEPTA I was leaving  there was an announced tournament within CEPTA an all T1 cruiser class tournament. 2v2 format. Sunday ( the day I was able to step away from some housework and play) was the day of the start of the tournament.

The first match was myself and Nitrov54 versus Dusk Nemesis and Carl Treumra.

I was a substitute, for a pilot that was having connection issues, so I was traded a ship given some general guidelines and off we went 10 minutes later we were fighting. (bad luck for Delta One)

The field of battle was 100KM circle, we could warp into the central beacon at any distance.  The enemy group could as well.  Both in our own respective TS3 channels we knew who we were up against but not what. They did not know what we would bring either. The ships could be rigged but no implants all t1 Gear no faction/no tech 2 gear.  Last pilot or group of pilots standing got the win.  The tournament  is double elimination.

Nitro and I talked for about 5 minutes and the first team undocked and went to their safe non-scannable warp in point. The spectators then undocked and warped to a spectator spot coordinated by Niron ( also the judge).  Nitro and I undocked, and warped to our non scannable safe spot.  We settled the fleet bonuses ( I have great leadership skills now) and Nitro and I ( upon the judge giving us a countdown ) initiated warp to 100KM of the beacon.

Our strategy keep range and pound the hell out of them with long range missile bombardment.

Their strategy come in close and drop a shit ton of drones on one/both of us.

Once Nitro and I hit the grid we MWD’d away from each other at 90KM orbit on the beacon.  We locked both targets and then sensor damped one and overheated our missiles on the other.  Dusk was sensor damped by me Carl was sensor damped by Nitro.  No one ever locked us.

They burned towards nitro ( a mistake as I was a late fill in… and I would have gone for me) and we unleashed the volley’s

IN short order the Arbitrator we targeted ( Carl’s)  was dipping into armor, we kept pounding away…I closed to within 70KM and kept distance set on the primary.  Once he went down, we switched to dusk and maintained distance and we eliminated his ship.

What ship did I fly you might ask?  I laughed when I saw it but it made sense:

A Caracal.  Yep the silly missile flinging T1 ship which I almost never use any more.


High: 5 Arbalest heavy launcher

Medium 1 Y-F 10 MN MWD, 2 sensor damps, 1 sensor booster ( range script), 1 Cap injector

Lows: 2 X BCS

Funny that one of the last battles I would probably be in was against the CEO and a veteran pilot & the PvP director and I would win ( unscratched) in Caracals. Quite Ironic given my disregard for the missile spamming ships in EvE.

Irony it seems has a way of coming around and biting me 🙂

TC all and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on April 14, 2011.

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  1. we did this for Nash Kadavrre’s Celebrity Deathmatch quite some time ago, but it’s damn relevant to what your tactics were – since it was faction cruisers + T2 mods we decided to go with weapon disrputors and heavy missile spam – worked like a charm 🙂

  2. LMAO!!! Embrace the missile, my friend. Next up – Drake? lol


  3. The Caracal, in the right scenario, is an amazing DPS boat.

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