One thing to change

I have had some thoughts on changes needed to help balance the forces of the SC without tipping it over the edge in terms of usefulness.  i.e. giving the SC a role to play rather than have it be the master of blasting anchored objects.

Clearly SC DPS against anchored structures needs to be re-evaluated.

As I mentioned in my last post in claiming Sov, you really need just a handful of the SC’s to effects Sov changes as it stands now.  This makes Alliance level warfare nonexistent/ boring as hell ops while everyone waits for to 10-20 Super Carrier pilots to log in work for 7-10 minutes and log out again.

  • The “stick” : Take away the ability for fighter bombers to attack structures that help claim Sov.  I-HUB, Stations, TCU’s, And SBU’s
  • The “carrot”:  Let them dock at stations..maybe limit it to a certain number but let them friggin dock the god damned ships.

Eliminating the ability for the SC to attack sov structures shifts the dynamic BACK to Dreadnoughts, and actually gives them the role they were supposed to have. It also opens up the Battleships again.

Does it stops the SC from launching Fighters at Sov objects?  No it doesn’t, it simply takes away the bombers, in actual practice they might STILL be used to kill the dreads/Carriers (something they excel at doing to a carrier)/ other Super Caps, and Titans.

Thanks to Kirith who also has some Good Ideas that may help the sting of the ol nerf bat.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 18, 2011.

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  1. What Stevie said, plus this: when a conqerable station is conquered, the new owners get any docked supercaps parked there.

    Letting supercaps pilots out of their ships is a great idea. But there needs to be *some* sort of risk/cost.

    If you let them dock at NPC stations, the docking rights should have an escalating cost based on scarcity, like corp offices. And the month when the bill goes unpaid, the station port manager holds an auction…

  2. I’ve thought about that particular carrot for a while. I think SC’s/Titan’s should be able to dock in 0.0 stations, but I think there should be a set number of “slots” for the supers to fill (4-8, depending on type of station). Additionally, I think it would be cool if one could actually see those 4-8 supers docked next to the station. Obviously, those behemoths won’t fit inside, so it seems to make sense that they would sit just off the station connected by a docking bridge or something…

    And while this is a great carrot, it also somewhat sticks the super pilots, because people can then see if there are supers in system, waiting to be used.

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