Free agency period over

So the end of my Free Agency period has come.  ( for those un-aware of the American slang term it means normally used in American/European sports: After a given amount of time a player can  move to a different “team” without any penalties)  I have decided ( and NOIR. gratefully accepted me into the Noir Mercenary Group )  I ahve heard a great deal about NOIR. and after listening to their comms and perusing some of their forums, they certainly have their act “together”.  That is always an excellent sign to say the least.

My current Ship of choice?  The Vagabond.  I have a decent amount of time in this ship, and while only scoring 16 kills to date it certainly wasn’t through lack of trying.  I shall “keep you in the loop” how BBYD v1 fares.  ( Bang Bang Your Dead is admittedly lame) but when you have to search through MANY systems to find a given ship, naming conventions make finding the hulls simple. SUch is my current naming convention ( which shifts as needed)

No juicy things but already some interesting notes.

  • One of the guys FC’ing for NOIR. is one of CEPTA original founders. ~ Imagine that?
  • Getting to the fight will be a challenge, but as long as I use my brain, and have an ounce of skill it is doable.
  • Their communication ( always a chore with some groups) seems highly developed~ Thank goodness
  • Their out of game tools, are comparable to any other group I have flown with.

I will probably steer more towards game mechaincs/opinions and such for a while, as OP-SEC ( Operational Security) is very important.  As needed I will catch up after the fact with snippets of good fights etc.


I do not know when ( if ever) my interview with Soundwave will be published.  I’ve not seen a hint of a word about this and well I had patience once but I killed in and threw it into some garlic cream  sauce and it was good, but I have not found it again.

I am still waiting on Song Li from Missions Collide on the redux of the interviews we gave that got erased the first go around.

I am also still waiting on the hours of Video that Luminous Aardakay and Quivering Palm took to be uploaded.

…sigh…I will continue to wait.

As always friends…

“Good Hunting”  ~The Mule


Thanks to all the well wishers I really appreciate it

This is manasi’s 500th Post!   500 and counting and the first of many with NOIR!


~ by Manasiv5 on April 21, 2011.

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  1. … for the record, I gave the laptop with all videos to Lumi – it’s been off my hands for the past week so blame him!!!

  2. Sen you a present! Hope you like it.

  3. Grats on the new home, Noir is a group I hold in high regard 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the 500th post! I’ll leave you with these words of deep and reflective wisdom….
    Confucius Did Not Say… Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient.

  5. I had the same thoughts when I joined a couple weeks ago. Nice to see you in fleet last night and I’m looking forward to flying with ya.

  6. Ah yes, the ship with my name tattooed all over it 🙂

    Best of luck with the new gang, and give Alekseyev a big kiss for me, even though I think he has no clue who the hell I am 😀

  7. Best of luck m8. All kidding aside, I hope this works out for you and you enjoy your new adventures.

  8. Good luck in your new home. NOIR certainly is one of those corps whose exploits I watch. I’m glad they got out of the sov stuff down in “fight-club” Provi and got back to business. Good hunting (just not me). 🙂

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