The Mule Banner 2.0

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Yes the mule banner now actually is MULES!  Horray for Rixx Javixx for the special Easter Mule present. It is a fallacy to believe that Bunnies deliver Easter stuff everyone KNOWS it is Mules!  I mean come on…. you ever seen a Easter bunny big enough to carry truckloads of candy?  No, of course not.

No EvE time this weekend…. so sadly I cannot tell you how much fun I was having blowing up pixels.

I DID go to a  show in Baltimore and WOW what a talented bunch of people.  If you get the chance to see “totem” do yourself a favor and go.

Anyways way long back in Feb, Rixx was commissioned to make a banner with Mules in it.  Sadly, expert mule aficionado Mynxee, lamented on the fact that those disgusting creatures in the first banner, were Donkey’s…not Mules…   so I begged and pleaded, and threatened shame, and a stomping from one BIG mule ( me), and looky look what my good buddy Rixx gave me for Easter!

Bless you sir! I love the new Banner and the fact that I actually did NOT threaten, cajole, or even bother you much, shows just how good a (pirate) can be?  Yes… you heard me much like  Spectre3353, Mynxee, and hell most of the pirates I know that DO blog, they are top notch good folks…. just do not go looking for them in game.

/OOC Chatter Off

Good hunting and hope you all had a good day Sunday!

~ by Manasiv5 on April 25, 2011.

9 Responses to “The Mule Banner 2.0”

  1. Ah yes, Le Cirque… one of Quebec’s finest export 🙂

  2. They need to be ALBINO Yeti’s.

  3. Hey! I went to that Cirque show (Totem) in bmore as well. Awesome show, as always. The tea cup/unicycle act blew me away. /T

  4. I like the new banner! Not so sure about your current background image though, kinda looks like crackers… which makes me hungry o_0

  5. Ok, first of all you are welcome. I couldn’t keep visiting and seeing that old banner at the top and not do something about it.

    It looks like your blog template doesn’t support png transparent files though, hence the unintentional white border. Which is supposed to be transparent.

    So what to do? Certainly the whole thing needs ooched down some, but any suggestions on the background? I guess I could just make it square, but that doesn’t really work with your new template.

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