IN Hawaii they frequently say Aloha as both Hello and some people say it as goodbye. 
I mean it as both.

I have toiled under the shroud of secrecy for these last three years to bring you the trials,tribulations and hopefully the journeys through EvE online with my singular mission to better educate, and give my point of view as a 0.0 pilot.

To some extents, I have succeeded beyond my wildest imaginations.  To have people come to me at FF2011, and indeed join  my former corp say to me, ” I came to 0.0 because of what you wrote and you were right” meant and means more than many will ever know.  Vindication is a singular weak-point if you want to call it, that I seem to possess.  I like to be vindicated as having been right once in a  while and with EvE I think I was right more than I was wrong.

Finally, with the release of the CCP interview we can peel back the mask and you can virtually “meet” manasi please if you will, keep two things in mind when watching the video

  • I didn’t know the questions he woudl ask
  • He was a very kind presenter and easy to chat with

Enjoy the clip:


I have faith and love of the game, and just hope the next six months brings more players into EvE and shows them it’s true beauty.

I wish you all Safe jumping and good hunting.

If all goes well I’ll see you in September!

~ by Manasiv5 on May 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “Aloha”

  1. Awesome interview! People always assume that video gamers are socially awkward, but they obviously haven’t talked to you. Also, I didn’t know you were in Mostly Harmless! My corp is moving up there now; it would be cool to see you in fleets if you weren’t taking a break *anger*. Enjoy your time off!

  2. Nice to see more interviews. See you in September o/

  3. Don’t worry Manasi.. we still have a couple more business cards around =PPP

  4. Cool interview man!

    I also still can’t believe that absolute strangers would be reading the stuff I write, let alone have followers!

  5. Good interview dood, you did very well and came across with personality and experience. Not always the easiest thing to do under pressure.

    Remember to fight the bitter old vet syndrome!!

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