That is a wrap!

Many thanks to the following folks:

CrazyKinux ~ I would not have been in the “pack” as before his idea there was no such thing. I was honored to have met you and only as ever wish you the best. I enjoy to this day your posts and such and wish you more readers than you knwo what to do with. For being a stalwart pro Canadian mindset and making others want to live as you do. Hell if all the people in Canada were like you and Song Li I might move there!

As a last request if I may please drop me from the blogpack as I do not know how often I will be able to update things, I relinquish my hold over the Letter “A” spot brother..may you find a great replacement.

Mynxee ~ I know your not ‘around’ much but I wish you well… you did not openly encourage me to do things but you had me intrigued from the word go and I will always be thankful as that drove me to write more.

Letrange ~ A fellow long time blogpack member whom I also seemed to be in ‘Sync’ with I’ll miss your comments and cross links while I am away. for consistently agreeing with me I owe you a drink to say the least.

Teadaze~ thanks for seemingly have the ability to voice my opinions..I wish you the best!

Rixx Javix ~ A somewhat recent addition to the pack, but a prolific writer and an excellent artist.  I wish you nothing but success in your future.  I will keep this page up and running for the foreseeable future if for no other reason than I love the banner.

Cozmik R5 ~ Just when I would think no one was reading as I wasn’t getting a comment he would comment, or Rixx would or some other kind soul.  Thanks for all the encouragement.

Alekseyev Karrde ~ for giving me a chance to step away from CEPTA and for the encouragement to join NOIR. I’m sorry the timing was so bad.

Roc Weiler ~ For showing me that setting up a ‘brand’ is an awesome thing bro, I had done it and had never realized it… may all your dreams get fulfilled I wish you nothing but luck!

Spectre3353 ~ For always making em laugh at your humor I still miss it.

The C0ven/Stain Empire folks ~ for just being a pain in the ass, you deserve credit for sticking to it!

Goonswarm ~ for being my personal whipping boy group

Luminous Arradakay~ for proving me right that good guys do not HAVE to finish last.. sometimes they just lag behind is all!  Nothing but love for you bro! For filming all that video I owe you and QP a ton of beers!!  Thanks for proving that Greeks really know how to have a good time!

Quivering Palm~ Thanks for making me laugh my ass off at FanFest 2011 I owe you BIG time, and for being such an awesome chick magnet in “Oliver’s”, and thanks for proving that Greeks really know how to have a good time! I still think of you guys when I see a hot blonde 😉

Seismic Stan~ for proving again that good guys DO exist across the ‘Pond’ ( especially in the UK) and for hanging out with me while watching QP and Alek act like babe magnets.

Song Li~ For going out of your way at FF2011 to hang out with your former compatriot from SYS-K and not laughing at him out loud you have my gratitude & for reminding  me that there were some AWESOME people on corps that I had the chance to play with

Richie from E:ON I appreciate the fact that you still acknowledge that you know me…glad I could get you the beer I owed ya!

CCP Fallout ~ for setting the tempo of what to expect from CCP in Iceland…I owe you a drink if not more!  Thanks again.

CCP Xhagen~ For setting my mind at ease on what to expect in the Alliance round table

CCP Soundwave ~ 1) for buying us a Cab the last night of FF2011 downtown.  2) for putting me at ease by being quite an easy guy to talk to.

CCP StevieSG ~ for Proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that English women can be classy, polite and down right gorgeous looking!

CCP Shadow ~ for sending me so much traffic in one day it broke all records! May shanghai always treat you right!

Keith Nelson~ A really nice guy I happen to run into in a bar in Iceland…4 days in a  row! Thanks for sharing all your insider knowledge about Iceland to those of us Uninitiated.

All the Icelandic babes in “Oliver’s” ~ My lord I am glad I am married after all who would want to see the 6’4″ manasi lurking around Iceland looking for a handout, as a bum,  as I would have stayed their no matter what if I were 20 years younger and NOT married.

The folks in CEPTA~ The brotherhood I have with these fellas transitions the game and made playing with them 100% fun!

Nitrov54 ~ A singular PvP’er with  good tactical instincts and a fun guy to fly with

Carl Tremura ~ A great CEO knows how to delegate, knows so many people, and has 100 times more honor than he would ever let on. He could sell Ice to the Inuit!

Gixxer 1000~ One hell of a recruiter I learned everything about recruiting from him. A hell of a decent Texan as well!

Darkstar Nomad~ my singular best bud in CEPTA contact me bro I’ll miss our chat’s

Crypto~ Excellent player who was always fun to chat with and hang out…fearless in PvP

Brydan~ So many hours spent with the guy so much he has done to help me and Niron out

Niron~ an Excellent guy and phenomenally gifted in Linux and learns faster than anyone I’ve ever met before

The former SYS-K guys ~ the core guys were a fearless bunch and held together under tough strain bonds in wartime are not easily forgotten brothers in arms.

Dianna from ETC ~ for actually knowing my blog and being a friendly person to chat with @ FF2011

I’m sure I left some out….

but from the bottom of my heart I thank you and look forward to seeing you all when I can!


Total number of Posts 505

Total number of Comments: 2231

Total number of SPAM: 7731

Most people to hit my blog in a  single day:  1705 Thanks to James Egan (CCP Shadow now) for that

The ability to get to knwo and interact with so many of you…..Priceless

I owe it all to you guys …

Good hunting all !


As always if you should need to get in touch with me the about page has my contact information 🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on May 5, 2011.

16 Responses to “That is a wrap!”

  1. Will miss your posting… But best wishes 🙂

  2. Jester and you leaving at the same time, after Mynxee has gone…i’m feeling bad about EVE atm.

  3. Good luck E. You took me on as a rookie pvp pilot and were very patient with me fumbling through getting my shit together. I thank you for that, because I had a blast flying with you all. If I make the cut, my facebook is XXXXXXXXX and yes thats with a K. I have on a hoodie and glasses. ( edited to preserve privacy)~Manasi

  4. I second Mynxee: Benoit Gauthier (the one with Bugs Bunny slapping the bull… there’s a ton of us!)

  5. I’m still lurking a bit, dear. If you wish, add me as friend on Facebook (Carole Pivarnik) and as I said before, let’s keep in touch and have you and Mrs Mule out to the farm for a visit this summer. I am now working full time at home as an artist so not coming to Alexandria for work anymore (thank the gods!).

    • glad to hear it and I would certainly like to do that..I\’ll add you as soon as I can get into my account 🙂

  6. Wave.

  7. -sniff-

  8. Have a good break man, and once in a while (without pressure i might add) post something just to say hi! 😀

  9. Good luck. I’ll keep subscribed on my RSS reader until you come back 🙂

  10. Indeed… well hope to see you back in writting this blog about September, in game about october and see you in Iceland for FF2012 at March!!!

  11. Yeah that sounded an awful lot like goodbye… and you said it was only until September which isn’t that far away, now you have me worried. Take care of whatever it is you have to deal with m8 and best of luck in everything you do.

    Keep the courage.

  12. We’ll be here when you get back. 🙂

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