Chapter 1

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Waking up after a loss by Manasi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

“Waking up after a loss”

Manasi looked at the hangar and checked to see how much time he would need before he was to meet with Jeffrey and Marisa in the bar off the promenade. One hour remained till he had to get there. He walked over to gentlemen with holograms of ships on his small pedestal, obviously a salesman of sorts. The holograms show many different ships but the ones that caught his eye was a small ship of obvious Caldari design.

“Excuse me but what ship is that?” asked Manasi.

The salesman beamed, “that sir is the fastest interceptor this side of Tash- Murkon Prime.”

“Really?” Manasi questioned, “What is her layout and training requirements, and what is her role?”

“She is a 3 high, 3 medium, 3 low, hi speed tackler. You need to have your training certifications to 5 for Caldari Frigates, Evasive Maneuvering to 5, and Interceptors to at least level 1 before I can clear you to fly her.”

“She’s a beautiful ship”, replied Manasi.

“Yes she is, I’d get your interceptor skills higher than 1, and Propulsion Jamming to at least 3. Once Concord pushes the new certificates system I’d be able to check what you needed immediately.”

“No worries”, replied Manasi, “I need to revamp some training skills anyways.”

“Well when you get certified let me know, they are not that expensive. Navigation skills are key to really getting them running hot.” He extolled with eager anticipation.

The stats on the ship were impressive, although extremely weak on defense; the base speed was 425m/s. He would have to ask Jeffrey what hulls he was familiar with.

Manasi thought about the changes he was envisioning, his parents lived in Yulai. Actually his mother and his step father, who knew where his biological father was. His mother operated an engineering consultation firm to the Gallenete government, as well as Caldari, and even the occasional Minmatar engineer. Her help of the Minmatar did not engender any kindness of the Amarr. Yet his father, also a engineer, designed starships and did have some dealing with combining Amarr and other various ship types for CONCORD. So everyone pretty much left them alone, or wanted their help.

He would speak to his family after talking with the others upstairs; surely they had thought him dead, yet he wondered why did they not come and try to help revive him from his “stasis”.


Manasi now had the basics of a training plan in his head. The “Crow” was designed to activate propulsion jamming module that would prevent a ship form generating the sub-space field around his ship to warp it. Intriguing idea, as before he woke up no such module existed that he could remember. The Crow was a missile ship so he would have to think about light missiles and launchers as otherwise he would be able to prevent warping but not be able to do any damage. The decision had been made, abandon mining and become an explorer. He would mine again, to be sure, but he would “change his stripes” as Jeffrey used to say.

Manasi’s thoughts turned to logistics, how would he get to these faraway places by himself? Manasi remembered the first time he had ever seen an Angel ship while mining with MUC in Khanid kingdom, and he wondered if they were still as feared as they once had been. He would have to find a Corporation that knew how to fly and fight in fringes of New Eden. One thing from his being in “stasis” was that his old corporation had been dissolved and he was now in the mish-mash of a corporation that the new pilots straight out of pilot school were thrust into. This Corporation would not be able to help him all that much with the specific skills that he wanted. Having a decent training plan and future plan all set he thought that he would ask Jeffrey and Marisa if they knew of any decent Corporations that might be able to help teach him about interceptor piloting. Getting acquainted with low security space would happen later.

So, dead set with what to do now, he went to the promenade to find the lounge. Stepping into the lounge Manasi still marveled at the Amarr design, curves and arches and vast space taken up by the modest establishment. He made his way to an open table, early as always, when a big guy stepped forward and grabbed him by the shoulders and…gave him a hug. That was Jeffrey alright. He beamed at the man.

“How goes it?” asked Manasi.

An titter of laughter from his right from a younger Amarr lady turned his attention. She was about 5 foot 6 inches, long strawberry blonde hair, which framed a very pretty face. The twinkle in her eye reminded him of Jeffrey when he was trying to coax just a bit more power or whatever system he was working with.

“You are kept in stasis for almost four years and you see me and ask ‘how goes it?’.” “You’re something else Manasi, do you ever have a bad day?”

Manasi Laughed “I was having a bad day till you and your friend arrived.”

“Aww, Damn me manners suck, Manasi I’d like you t o meet Janelle. She is a biochemist, on loan from the Amarr Prime research facility. I have been regaling her with your old exploits.”

Manasi looked at the young lady. “I apologize if I do not live up to the stories that Jeff has been painting of me.”

She laughed. “Your friend obviously missed you a great deal Manasi. I am very pleased to meet you. When Jeff told me about you I was intrigued, no one I have ever met has stayed in stasis for so long.”

Manasi smiled, although he was now a little put off, a very pretty young woman was interested in him, because he had been in stasis for a long time. Great, just great, he thought how can this get any better? Marisa walked over and introduced herself and then he knew. He and Jeffrey had always had similar taste and now both Janelle and Marisa were enraptured by Jeff. Not as tall as Manasi, but the son of two actors, Jeff had good looks and just enough scars to make women swoon over him. Robyn reached out and grabbed his arm. While Jeff and Marisa spoke she whispered,

“Jeff and I are just friends, our families know each other for decades, he is like a big brother.”

He laughed, so she was intuitive as well. He smiled back, ”Thanks very much that is good to know.”

They all sat down and Manasi explained what he knew of what had happened. After he had rehashed it again he was thirsty so he ordered drinks around. They had a nice table, not too loud, but with enough background noise to not have conversation go too far without someone deliberately listening in. As he ordered drinks and food Janelle stopped him, “No wine for me please. I need to remember what is being said” she winked at him. Jeff caught the wink out of the corner of his eye and smiled, nodding to Marisa he said “Hey, do you dance?..Let’s go dance some and let the doctor talk to Manasi a bit, shall we?” Marisa looked at him and he smiled and said “You ought to go with him he is really good and you’ll have fun.” He asked, “is that alright?”

Marisa smiled and said “sounds like fun to me.”

Manasi looked at Janelle, “You mind chatting for a bit?”

“Not at all” she murmured, “not at all.”


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