Chapter 2

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“Waking up after a loss”
Chapter 2 “Watching the tide roll away”

Manasi never had problems speaking to people. His only problem with other people was his lack of patience. He had a heart, but his level of frustration with others, on grew at an exponential rate when dealing with the “dimwitted.” Or with those who espoused ‘Dimwitted’ qualities. Thankfully, Janelle was not dimwitted, quite the contrary, she did not seem aristocratic like some of the Amarr he has met in the past. Rather she was kind, very perceptive and intelligent. She asked him many questions about his memory but it was not in the form of an interrogation, rather just getting to know someone better. He glanced ever briefly at Jeff and Marisa and saw they too were enjoying themselves. He continued to listen to Janelle with rapt attention and he knew he would ask her to fly on one of his ships. He asked her if she had ever flown on any combat vessels to which she uttered a simple “no.” He inquired about her parents a bit and realized her father was a higher ranking Amarr imperial officer. Her mother did not work but tended to a garden and operated a very secret “food provider” service, for any person who needed food but might have been Minmatar, Caldari, or Gallente. She did not go into detail and Manasi did not pry on that subject.

As the bar became more crowded several other pilots would occasionally nod their head and move about the bar, while in station almost all pilots had a mutual respect for each other. Then he saw two huge brutors glaring over their drink at Janelle.

“Hey Janelle, I’m sorry to interrupt…. but looks like you have admirers”…he nodded towards the brutors.

“Oh great”, she replied “ One of their brothers in arms came back to our facility after he had been pod killed, and lost most of his skills that he had trained.”

Manasi winced, “Ouch, he should have had clone updated.”

“I agree” said Janelle, “I felt bad, but I reminded him he had only lost the largest block of skill points he had trained, but they did not want to hear it. He was unable to pilot his battleship that he had in the station and was very angry.”

Manasi understood how frustrating that could be. While they were talking, the brutors came over emboldened by their alcohol in their system. Manasi nodded to them, but they wanted no part of him. They walked right over to the table, and put their hands on the table, within easy reach of Janelle. Manasi stood up.

“Evening gents what can I do for you?” Manasi said. The two brutors took a step backwards as they saw his pod implants glisten in the dim lights. Pilots did not normally fight while inside a station, unless that too had changed.

They re-approached gripped the table and growled “We have words with this….Amarr Gratchzlitch.”

Manasi was not versed in all the Minmatar languages but he knew enough. “That is uncalled for mate.” He growled.

Quick as lighting Janelle withdrew a very long, very slender knife, and without hesitation drove it right through the brutors hand on the table pinning the hand with the cross guard to the table. Out of her other hand two wires hit the second Brutor followed by a slight hum, at which he slumped.

She growled at the Brutor whose hand was pinned to the table, “I have never owned a slave, never kept a slave, and never been a slave, so if you want to fight me right here right now, feel free, I relish the challenge and offer a warning…”

She rolled up her left arm sleeve where Manasi saw a five small tattoo’s of Minmatar design “I have five dead men’s sigils on my arm where I have been forced to fight, and I have never lost, she ran her hand over her arm and sure enough five sigils glowed bright red from her skin. They had been hidden until she touched them, the light was muted but clearly you could see them.

The Brutor was taken aback, “Ahhh… hmm…. I wondered why the Captain did not shake you as he has shaken others who were not co-operative, now I know why he did not bother you, even though you are smaller, plus you have the hips and breasts.” The Captain must have been the one who lost his skills thought Manasi. The Brutor was right of course, but obviously he was not used to speaking to people that knew the language well enough, but his point was well made.

Manasi understood now, at first shocked that she had impaled him so fast, and now that while she was a beautiful women, she had obviously been subject to several attempts on her life. She withdrew her knife and blood pooled on the table. The Brutor gripped his hand to staunch the blood

“Wait”, she said “If you wish to fight me, let me heal your wound, so it is fair…” She holstered her knife in a sheath along her arm and brought out a small little red device and placed in on the Brutors hand. His grimace abated, and his hand was whole in about two minutes. His friend had been stunned and he growled at her. The now healed Brutor put his hand upon his shoulder and said something to him in a low voice, his partner stiffened and then slumped, as resignation set in. Manasi relaxed a little bit.

“What is your name?” she asked in a nice tone.

“Ulgament, 2nd Captain of the Vehemence, this is my first officer Knashament.” The first officer surprised Manasi and lifted his Sunglasses to reveal one red eye and one blue, he bowed his head and said, “One of the sigils you bear was a very great fighter, and I am ashamed to have tried to provoke you Ma’am.”

She intoned,” Knashament, feel no shame, you did not sneak attack, nor poison me, and stood to face me, as a first officer should. I am sorry about your Captain’s loss of skills and could not show you the marking in the medical bay…the others who work there…would not understand.” Her words trailed off.

Ulgament nodded to Manasi,” Apologies pilot, I did not to disrupt your conversation with the Mulholensa.” Manasi knew the word as ‘fighter’. Perhaps we have had too much Lager and did not think with our right….

“No offense taken, Ulgament.” “Would you like to drink with us?” he asked.

Ulgament grinned a little, “While I do not know Caldari customs, you and the Mulholensa did not need my interruption, although you’re very gracious to offer… we must decline, we are not thinking straight and must return to our ship.”

“Fair enough” Manasi said, “Another time then shall we?”

“We shall indeed pilot”, he intoned.

“The name is Manasi, Ulgament, for next time.”

Ulgament straightened up, “Good meetings indeed. We must depart now.” With that he turned around and the settled at the bar and walked out.

“Well that was exciting”, Manasi said out loud.

“No more excitement please, I’m tired of all the excitement”she pleaded, “could we all go to your ship, assuming you have separate quarters for all of us?”

“Sure” he said, hoping he had set the cleaning robot up to make sure it was presentable 3 years ago, “Lets grab Jeff and we can head out if you like. May I?” he asked, before he reached for her hand.

“You may” she replied, smiling. Never underestimate a woman because she looks good, thought Manasi. The blood pooled on the table was evidence of that. Already a cleaning robot was coming over to remove the blood from the surface of the table.

[Caldari Caracal Pic]

They picked up Jeff and Marisa and filled them in, except Jeff already knew, he had and incredible sense of timing and hearing, and had followed their movements to make sure they would not be boxed in. Jeff confirmed that there was room on board the Caldari Caracal Cruiser “Vehemence ” that Manasi had left in this station, many years ago.

Jeff told him that it was on a 2 month maintenance cycle and that by the time they got there she would be ready to roll.

“Anyone mind a little trip?” he asked.

Everyone smiled back.


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