Chapter 4

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“Waking up after a loss”
Chapter 4 “Even tide”

Manasi, Jeff and the two ladies all ate around the main console that was the seldom used, secondary bridge. The view was of the entire port side of the ship, with glimpses of both the front and the back visible. Everyone was relaxed and Jeff asked Janelle, “How did you do the glyphs under your skin?”

Janelle responded,” They are something my mother has taught me through the Minmatar who have lived in our house, my first nurse had two or three of them and I would light them up when I would play with her as a child.”

“Ahh” said Jeff, “Now I understand a little more, Thanks!”

Janelle asked Manasi, “May I see your neural interfaces where you connect them to a pod?” She had no ulterior motives that he could tell, although the line had been used by many male pilots to “inspect” female pod pilots.

Manasi said, “Sure thing” with a shrug and turned around to them so they could see his back and he lifted his shirt. Twenty two connections gleamed with yellow reflections, and then changed color as Manasi concentrated on a thought.

Janelle exclaimed “ How did you do that?”

“With a thought, much like your glyphs under your arm, they respond to my thoughts…although it takes effort most pilots have not been in their clones as long as I have.”

Marisa and Janelle asked at the same time “Can we touch one?” Jeff laughed hard “He has been waiting for you both to ask that.” Manasi shot him a grin over his shoulder, “Yes, sure, just do not try to pull one out, they cannot be removed, but it hurts like hell.”

After they had looked at his back for a minute he pulls his shirt back down, “Sorry, Jeff” he said, “For what” replied Jeff,” If they are curious about a 5 year old pod pilot?” “Hell even I get curious.”

Manasi never forgot that many people on his ship could not always eject, and he took this to heart, “Did you install the escape pods like I asked you too before so the crew can escape?” “Yup!” Jeff replied “I did indeed the Vengence is fully setup per your specs.”

Jeff sidled over to Marisa and asked “Wanna check out the ship?” She giggled of course, “You’re the Chief Engineer and probably know it like Manasi does! All the parts of it…and she whispered “Maybe we can see your quarters?” He said in a low voice, “We could do that.” They got up to leave Jeff winking at Manasi, that was all the communication they needed.

Manasi asked Janelle if she wanted to see the pod control area, and asked if she had ever been in a pod. They got up and made their way to the elevator down to pod control. They knew that Marisa and Jeff would need no tending to… as the only place that he could not go, except in dire emergency, was the pod room he explained to Janelle.

“Marisa and Jeff hit it off well, is he always like that?” Janelle asked

Manasi took a more somber tone, “No, most of the time he wants to not be bothered… but you know him don’t you, you came here on his shuttle right?”

“He knows my mother and father very well, and they trust him to protect me if something should happen.” She said.

Manasi laughed “Protect you? Do your parents know what you can do?”

She smiled and said,”Yes, but I meant from having a ship destroyed actually.”

They arrived at the pod room and Manasi touched his palm to the entryway. The door opened and Janelle walked over to the pod and the door automatically opened. Manasi walked up behind her and started describing the internal workings, Manasi gestured inside and she asked “is it ok?”

“Go ahead” he said, as she walked in the Cameras turned on. The view (the one Manasi was used to) was stunning. She gasped “oh MY”. “It really is wonderful isn’t it?” asked Manasi.

“Breathtaking”, she responded.

He scooted around the pod which though was very small, was designed to hold only 1 person. As she brushed by her he felt her tense and then relax, “Sorry, not much room in here” Said Manasi. The dress she wore he could swear was see through but he did not want to stare…too much.

“It is not a problem.. I just get jumpy.” now and then she thought to herself. Here was this very handsome, very rich pilot, who was doing his best to be a nice guy, she relaxed some… there was no danger here. She was still awed by the picture on the screens.

The Communications Panel chirped “Captain do you wish us to relinquish control to you at this time Sir?”

“No” said Manasi “only if there is an emergency… ok bridge?”

The Com officer acknowledged, and signed off. Janelle wanted to know if she could sit down and before she could pose the question Manasi told her to try it. The console was comfortable and she sank in. Manasi hovered behind her and guided her through how to change the camera drones so that she could see the various views of the ship. She got up from the chair and asked if Manasi could show her the neural readouts from his clone. He walked over, jacked in to the chair, and sank in restraints clicked into place and he relaxed. She knelt down over him and touched his forehead and said “just tell me if anything is uncomfortable.” “Where does the pod fluid come from?” She asked. “It is off now, that why they asked if I wanted control, if I did the pod would fill and command and control would be transferred here.” Manasi explained.

As she read the readouts, she made notes on the tablet when she was done after about 5 minutes she walked in front of the chair/console. Manasi could swear that he could see through parts of her vaporous dress, although he tried not to stare. The ship took a small jolt and Janelle fell into the chair…Manasi broke her fall and she fell into his arms. He would have to thank the Bridge watch officer. The Stabilizers would not be engaged till the pod filled. She did not jump away from him but instead, stayed there. He smelled good, and she liked his eyes. She hugged him and stood up. He said “a hug?”

She said” You’re a nice guy, you’re very handsome, and you’ve been exceptionally kind to me, plus you didn’t take advantage of me when I fell”

He smiled at her “I can control my urges, but you make it awfully tempting, to be honest…”

So he was indeed a man, and could be tempted, she smiled. “I normally do not fall into a man’s arms on my first date with him.”

“Fair enough”, chuckled Manasi, “fair enough…”

“Oh, I meant to ask you, do you have a bath where I could get a good soak?”

Manasi smiled, “Yea I do…. but it is in my stateroom, you’re welcome to it of course, just let me know when you want to use it and I’ll leave my stateroom to you.”

It was her turn to smile, “I have wanted a bath all day long, plus it will relax me before I head off to sleep.”


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