Chapter 7

“Changes in the Deep”

**3 months after Chapter 6

It had been several months since she had first met Manasi She was amazed at the changes in her life and, to be honest, she had been through a great deal. The blade implants that the Minmatar had given her, still held her blades in her forearms. The body art, as Manasi called it, intrigued him but she as of yet still had some secrets, and this was one she was not willing to part with yet. The last part of her transformation was complete. She and Manasi had traveled to somewhere in 0.0 and she had walked into a cloning facility inside a station inside 111-F1, and had “jumped” to a new clone body.

She could now fly Amarr ships, of all types, she actually identified with those of her ‘second’ mother Anamatee, and her father Siqalaor. Her birth mother had died at the hands a of a Brutor, whom she had enslaved, per her grandfather’s request. Her father had met her mother on Tash-Murkon Prime. All the memories were still there which amazed her.

The “jumping” operation was fairly simple; she stepped into a clone vat and willed herself to another body. This one was a replica of her existing body, except her fighting knives. Her body art tattoos underneath her skin, were included. The process had not taken long and her real body was now in stasis. They had come to 0.0 as clone jumping was simpler out here and after she had watched the professionals out here she realized they were very experienced. The only thing that bothered her was that so many people were staring at her. Manasi still gawked like a schoolboy. Janelle had a flawless body, perfectly proportioned and smooth skin and auburn hair. He marveled at her beauty and saw the others marveling too. He walked over and gave her the towel and walked her towards the shower.

He was very protective of her, which she allowed but by no means did she need. Her scars she also saw had not been replicated but that was ok, when she needed her scars to contact the Minmatar, she would jump back to empire.

As they walked, she wondered if her father or mother would approve, they actually liked Manasi, a Caldari pilot from a long family line that had been flying longer than almost any other pilot she had met. While not old, he wore his age well. Laugh lines at the corners, sparkling blue and gray eyes smiled at her and such determination. She smiled as another pilot smiled at Manasi and said, “Don’t worry mule, I’ll take care of the rookies while you look after her.” Manasi had a large assortment of friends many called him a mule, until he explained to her that mules were a very old earth creature that could carry immense weight, they did not falter, were immune to most diseases of other livestock , and were very determined, and yes extremely faithful. The faithful part is the part she liked the best, that and the fact that he was a tall man at 6’3.

Manasi remembered wakening from the long stasis, it no longer bothered him as it once did but he remembered the darkness and the depths to which it was possible to sink. His new driving desire was be able to teach Janelle as much as he could about piloting. She was already a experienced pilot with Amarr ships and the trust that comes from being a partner was a welcomed addition to flying solo. Together they could field a wide array of ships.

While they both made their ways to a hangar they spoke in soft tones and discussed both tactics and history and Manasi asked her questions about her ships. The Amarr ships had incredible punch and in the more advanced models could take some punishment. The Minmatar ships Manasi flew, in addition to the entire Caldari fleet of ships, allowed specific tactical roles to accomplish. The “Broadsword” he flew was simply and amazing ship. The main line cruisers were able to hit hard and fast which was a typical Minmatar tactic. Jenelle rubbed her head, she hated that her hair was short, but knew it would grow back rather quickly.

At Manasi’s hangar she admired all the various ships and once again saw Jeffrey. The big chief engineer cracked a wide grin and hugged her hard. She laughed and pinned his arm..”watch out or I’ll tell Marisa that you were manhandling me.” She said. Jeffrey laughed, “it was Marisa’s idea that I hug you!.

Jenelle smiled at the clone vat technician, a pretty girl, certainly she could see why other women would be jealous and why anyone waking up after being podded might be disoriented, but she perceived no threat from the young woman.  Manasi had a close group of friends and officers he hung out with.  While this group was varied with different types of people she understood why Manasi had come to regard them as family.

Manasi, unlike some pilots, cared for his people.  When possible he told those on board ( if there were any) to eject before fighting but that was not always possible, so he went out of his way to make sure loved ones were cared for.  He looked after the homeless children (if both wife and husband) came with him, although he discouraged the practice.

Certain people ( like Jeffrey ) would never be sacrificed.  She vowed to treat her crews with the same kindness and tenderness Manasi did.  He could get angry when people stole or abused each other, and he had almost ejected a guy into the vacuum of space after a male officer assaulted the communication officer on board his Scorpion Battleship.  Instead the man lived and had to work off his ‘debt’ to the young lieutenant he had assaulted.

SO many thing to track, maintain and remember, this man was deep well, and she relished that fact.  No one likes to get bored, and she still had a quite a few tricks up her sleeves.


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