kills in time

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As I have departed CEPTA and await entrance into NOIR. I stumbled over this post : Ely had me thinking what in the last three years had I been able to do:

So I looked it up:

Kills: 833
Real kills: 677
Losses: 115
Damage done (ISK): 109.57B
Damage received (ISK): 5.94B
Chance of enemy survival: 14.52%
Pilot Efficiency (ISK): 94.86%

A couple notes: the CEPTA board does not count pods but sometimes they are more valuable than the ship.


Ship class K L
Assault frigate 14 8
Battlecruiser 171 6
Battleship 154 17
Black Ops 1 0
Cap. Industrial 0 0
Capsule 137 32
Carrier 4 0
Command ship 7 0
Covert ops 21 3
Cruiser 27 7
Ship class K L
Destroyer 1 0
Dreadnought 21 0
Electronic Attack Ship 0 1
Exhumer 1 0
Freighter 0 0
Frigate 37 2
Heavy assault 27 4
Heavy Interdictor 8 3
Industrial 0 0
Industrial Command Ship 0 0
Ship class K L
Infrastructure Modules 3 0
Interceptor 31 19
Interdictor 14 6
Jump Freighter 0 0
Logistics 31 1
Marauder 0 0
Mining barge 0 0
POS Large 17 0
POS Medium 0 0
POS Modules 24 0
Ship class K L
POS Small 7 0
Recon ship 30 4
Shuttle 5 0
Strategic Cruiser 2 0
Supercarrier 0 0
Territory Modules 23 0
Titan 0 0
Transport 1 0
833 Ships killed (109.57B ISK) 115 Ships lost (5.94B ISK) 94.86% Efficiency (ISK)

Funny notes:

  • I kill a lot of pods
  • the only Exhumer (Hulk) was a pilot who irritated the piss outta me so I shot him down and gave him the cash for a new one
  • I’ve ever lost 1 logistic ship that is a credit to the OTHER logi pilots not me.
  • Only 1 Black Ops a Panther in Stain undocked and we burned him down rather quickly

From the CEPTA board we find the top 20 ships used:

Assault frigate
Heavy Interdictor
Recon ship
Heavy assault
Heavy assault

Not unexpectedly we find 4 battleships in the top 20

Tempest ~ Always with the 1400’s singing away.
Apocalypse ~ Burning holes through ships like no tomorrow.
Maelstrom ~ 800MM & some 1400 setups were used.
Scorpion ~ the Excellent jamming platform.

3 interdictor class
Sabre ~ A little two paper thing with two probe launchers but effective when needed.
Flycatcher ~ A tough fit as I do not have great missile skills and do not generally favor missile boats.
Broadsword ( Heavy) ~ excellent barrage spewing tanking Monster.

5 interceptor class
Crow ~ Fast nimble, quick, decent point range and balanced slots.
Stiletto ~ long range fleet support ‘par excellance’.
Jaguar( AF) ~ my AF rigged up to be a heavy tackler capable of very fast locks and good survivability.
Raptor ~ decent long range ‘ceptor I stopped using this when i switched to the stiletto.
Dramiel ~ OMG run ‘ceptor excellent ship double propulsion fittted monster.

2 Battlecruisers
Harbinger ~ laser for for battles when you have no clue how many HP a I-hub, etc has)
Hurricane ~ excellent heavy roaming boat, 425’s or 220’s she is a beast.


Not terribly bad for three years of work and a fitting testament ( especially considering I didn’t un dock a huge amount of times  in the last 8 months helping the Alliance)

TC for now and as always

“Good Hunting”



One thing to change

•April 18, 2011 • 2 Comments

I have had some thoughts on changes needed to help balance the forces of the SC without tipping it over the edge in terms of usefulness.  i.e. giving the SC a role to play rather than have it be the master of blasting anchored objects.

Clearly SC DPS against anchored structures needs to be re-evaluated.

As I mentioned in my last post in claiming Sov, you really need just a handful of the SC’s to effects Sov changes as it stands now.  This makes Alliance level warfare nonexistent/ boring as hell ops while everyone waits for to 10-20 Super Carrier pilots to log in work for 7-10 minutes and log out again.

  • The “stick” : Take away the ability for fighter bombers to attack structures that help claim Sov.  I-HUB, Stations, TCU’s, And SBU’s
  • The “carrot”:  Let them dock at stations..maybe limit it to a certain number but let them friggin dock the god damned ships.

Eliminating the ability for the SC to attack sov structures shifts the dynamic BACK to Dreadnoughts, and actually gives them the role they were supposed to have. It also opens up the Battleships again.

Does it stops the SC from launching Fighters at Sov objects?  No it doesn’t, it simply takes away the bombers, in actual practice they might STILL be used to kill the dreads/Carriers (something they excel at doing to a carrier)/ other Super Caps, and Titans.

Thanks to Kirith who also has some Good Ideas that may help the sting of the ol nerf bat.

sovereignty for the uninitiated

•April 15, 2011 • 3 Comments


For ROC..your buddy manasi

SO I will attempt to help some people out who have never ever claimed Sov in a 0.0 space in some of the basics and advanced tactics in claiming Sov.

Thanks to R for asking this question and helping remind me that MANY have no clue about sov mechanics.

The objects needed for Sov.

  • (TCU) Territorial Claiming Unit ~ Claims the space on behalf of an Alliance
  • (IHUB) Infrastructure hub ~ upgrades the space the upgrades are VERY large modules that you can build or buy and transported Level 5 upgrades CANNOT be jump freighter as they are too big ( on purpose)
  • (SBU) Sovereignty Blockade Unit ~ anchored at a gate or several gates to contest Sov in a  given system.
  • Outpost ~ a player built and anchor-able structure that does not ever die in game they simply switch hands from one corp to another (conquering ) corp

Here are some specifics about the TCU:

  • Anchoring takes five minutes. On lining takes 8 hours. Anyone with the Config Starbase Equipment role can anchor/online this structure on behalf of an alliance.
  • A TCU can be anchored anywhere within 300 AU from the sun in a system with the exception of within 50 KMs of the control tower of a POS. A beacon is visible on every players overview leading to the TCU, when it is anchored/online in a system.
  • The structure is vulnerable to attacks while it is in the “anchoring”, “anchored” and “on-lining” states. An online TCU is invulnerable unless both of the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • Sovereignty Blockade Units are anchored and onlined at more than 50% of the gates in the system.
    • The sovereign entity over the system does not possess an Outpost/Conquerable Station nor an online Industrial Hub within the system.
  • A TCU can be anchored in a system when sovereignty is being contested. It cannot be onlined if Sovereignty Blockade Units are present at 51% or more of the gates in the system.
  • If the corporation which anchored the TCU on behalf of their alliance leaves the alliance, the TCU will go offline.
  • An upkeep bill is issued to the corporation which anchored the TCU during the onlining period. If this bill has not been paid when the TCU is due to go online, it will instantly go offline and sovereignty will not be claimed. The TCU will have to be onlined again and the bill promptly paid in order for sovereignty to take hold.
  • Both the Station Manager role and the Config Starbase Equipment role are required in order to be able to offline or unanchor a TCU.
  • The CEO and the directors in the corporation, which launched the TCU, can transfer ownership of it to another corporation within the same alliance. This can be done from an option in the right click menu for the structure. All open upkeep bills have to be paid before the transfer is possible. Ownership of the Infrastructure Hub within the system (if present) will be automatically transferred at the same time.

One critical note about transferring sov:

“all upkeep bills must be paid BEFORE the transfer is possible”  When SYS-k merged with LR we paid 19 Billion to “absorb those systems” some had to be paid TWICE.  i.e. the bill had 13 days left and was unpaid the bill had to be paid up to current (by the current holder) , then transfer happened and we paid AGAIN (by the new holder)!

Some facts about the I-HUB

As Infrastructure Hubs must be destroyed by the attacker when conquering a system in order for the TCU to go vulnerable, they are provided with similar protection as outposts/conquerable stations are.

  • Infrastructure Hubs are invulnerable to attacks unless SBUs have been anchored at more than 50% of the gates in the system.
  • Infrastructure Hubs have a dual reinforcement timer like stations. A desired reinforcement exit time can be entered by the CEO and all directors within the corporation, which anchored it, through the Infrastructure Hub Management interface. Once put into reinforced mode, an IH will become invulnerable until the next time this desired reinforcement exit time comes up, plus 24 hours. An uncertainty value of +-3 hours is then added on top of this.
  • The reinforcement timers for IH work as follows:
    • Once an IH reaches 25% shield hitpoints, it goes into reinforcement mode. During reinforcement mode, the Infrastructure Hub is invulnerable to attacks and cannot be remotely repaired. It will come out of reinforcement mode at 0% shield hitpoints.
    • Once an IH reaches 50% armor hitpoints, it goes into its second reinforcement mode. It will come out of reinforcement mode at 25% armor hitpoints.
    • Should the defenders be able to remote repair either the shields or the armor following the IH exiting reinforced mode, the structure will re-enter the respective reinforcement mode (shield/armor) when it reaches the right value again.
  • When an IH reaches 0% structure hitpoints, it is permanently destroyed (including all installed upgrades).

Some facts about Outposts:

Stations are provided with protection in the form invulnerability when held by the sovereign entity over the system in which they are located. The invulnerability is broken should SBUs be anchored at more than 50% of the stargates within the system, but additional protection is still provided in the form of dual reinforcement timers in the case of this happening.

Stations only have reinforcement timers, when the station holder has sovereignty. If someone other than the station holder has sovereignty, or if sovereignty is neutral, then they are vulnerable to attack without SBUs being anchored at more than 50% of the stargates within the system.

  • Outposts/Conquerable Stations have a dual reinforcement timer, one for shields and one for armor. The reinforcement timers work as follows:
    • Once an outpost/conquerable station reaches 25% shield hitpoints, it goes into reinforcement mode. During reinforcement mode, the station is invulnerable to attacks and cannot be remotely repaired. It will come out of reinforcement mode at 0% shield hitpoints.
    • Once an outpost/conquerable station reaches 50% armor hitpoints, it goes into its second reinforcement mode. It will come out of reinforcement mode at 25% armor hitpoints.
    • Once an outpost/conquerable station reaches 0% structure hitpoints, the ownership of the station changes over to the corporation, which the last player to damage the station belongs to.
  • Players with the Station Manager role can set a desired reinforcement exit time for the station. Once put into reinforced mode, a station will become invulnerable until the next time this desired reinforcement exit time comes up, plus 48 hours. An uncertainty value of +-3 hours is then added on top of this.
  • If no reinforcement exit time is specified, it defaults to 12:00 EVE time (noon).

Some Facts about SBU’s

In order to contest another alliances claim over a system, Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBUs) must be anchored and onlined at more than 50% of the stargates within the target system. Once SBUs have been onlined in this manner, any stations/infrastructure hubs within the system will become vulnerable to attack. When the sovereignty holder no longer possesses a station nor an IH within a system containing onlined SBUs at more than 50% of the stargates within the system, their TCU will become vulnerable to attack. Once the TCU is destroyed, Sovereignty will transition to a neutral state, and the next entity to successfully online a TCU within the system will conquer it.

Facts about Sovereignty Blockade Units:

  • Anchoring takes five minutes. Onlining takes 3 hours. Anyone with the Config Starbase Equipment role can anchor/online this structure on behalf of an alliance.
  • Anchored SBUs can be onlined by anyone, who has the Config Starbase Equipment role, regardless of their alliance affiliation. The SBU will change ownership to the corporation of the pilot, who onlined the SBU.
  • SBUs are visible on every players overview once they are anchored.
  • The structure must be anchored between 30KM to 150KM from a stargate.
  • It does not matter who launches the SBU; an alliance can even disrupt their own sovereignty claim by onlining SBUs in their own system.
  • SBUs are vulnerable to attack at all times, with the following exception:
    • When all structures within a system, which SBUs were causing to be vulnerable are in reinforced mode, all SBUs within the system will enter parallel reinforcement mode along with those structures. As soon as any of these structures come out of reinforcement mode, the SBUs will become vulnerable once more.
  • If the amount of stargates within a system covered by an online SBU falls below 51% at any point during system conquest, the defender will be considered as having successfully defended their system and vulnerable structures (Stations/Industrial Hubs/TCUs) will become invulnerable once more.

Most of the info above was copied directly from the Sov Guide on evelopdiea but you have to KNOW how this works in RL

Uncontested system:

  1. Anchor a TCU pay the bill immediately then you get billed every two weeks based on what you have/if you have an I-HUB.
  2. Anchor a IHUB add in upgrade modules many module affect the price you pay in a given system and are cumulative.

Contest a system:

  1. Anchor SBU’s at Greater than 50% of the startgates i.e. 3 gates must ahve 2 SBU’s.  ( as an aside SBU can fit in things like orca’s and maybe a transport ship or two but nor Carriers IIRC)
    1. Keep in mind they take time to anchor AND online and are very vulnerable when doing so.
  2. Once SBU’s are online
  3. attack the station once it hits 25% shields the First reinforcement timer kicks off 2 Days 18 hours was a popular timer…you have to kill 50% of it’s shield
  4. After the station comes out of the 1st RF then attack again until it hits 50% armor then the second RF cycle begins (sometimes another 2 Day 12 hours sometimes 1 day 18 hours (you have to kill 50% shield and 50% armor)
  5. After the 2nd RF period you start at 25% armor have to chew through 25% armor and all structure.
  6. steps 2-4 are roughly the same for I-hubs as well
  7. Once I-hubs and stations are down the TCU is THEN vulnerable
  8. Destroy the offending TCU
  9. Drop your own TCU
  10. wait 8 hours to online it
  11. Anchor a new Ihub
  12. Rinse and repeat.

To block a conquest :

  • anchor your OWN SBU’s,  at more than 50% of the gates
  • Heal and I-hub/station above the damage needed to RF it
  • Destroy the enemy SBU’s

This is the shitty Sov mechanic that not one person I have ever talked to likes enjoy or even grudgingly agrees is even sensible.

One of the main reasons is that Fighter bombers are so heavily used is their DPS against fixed targets is upwards of 10,000 DPS.  This should be changed to only allow fighters but that is another story.

Quick math: 10 Nyx max skills pilots  = 10K * 10 ships  or 100K DPS  or 6M DPM the shield of an I-HUB is 75,000,000 and they need to be knocked down to 37,500,000 for first RF cycle which means that they could RF a shield of an i-hub in 6 minutes 15 seconds or so.  The second RF timer is the tougher one as you have to chew through armor AND shield

Outposts are similar but the number are different 350million HP – 100m shields, 150m armour, 100m structure. so the magic first number is 75M so the same 10Nyx would require 11.5 minutes to RF, the second RF would require 25M shield and 75M armor, and so on.

With conventional fleets the fights take forever with SC on the filed it take minutes.

hope this helps ya ROC!



we interupt this broadcast

•April 15, 2011 • 4 Comments


So yesterday I was minding my own business chatting with two co-workers at a stop light when BAM we got hit from behind at about 30 MPH.

A 79 year old guy was just not fast enough/ not paying enough attention and slammed into us at speed while we were dead stopped.  NO one was seriously hurt.  My poor car 2010 Nissan did not LOOK all the worse for wear but needless to say I took it in to get repaired.  Yes all this is rather mundane.

I pick up the rental car and drive home, 3 miles from home and only about 1.5 miles from the rental car lot my back left tire falls off the rental car at 30 MPH. FFS I watch in both horror and fascination as the tires rolls toward the eastbound traffic, a nice mustang driver stops his car and rolls it back to me.

All this hapened during the Washington DC rush hour over the Braddock road exit.  Oh how fun!

SO i wait for the towtruck and complete all the calls needed.

I get home and the LAST thing I want to do is log in to play a game I veg out and fall asleep on the couch.


T-3 days left and counting.  I will keep you all apprised of where I go…for now either look me up in game after Sunday or watch for my post Monday. I almost scrubbed the launch but no hamsters were damaged and me, being a stubborn as I am, to schedules and plans, I have no desire  no desire to alter them due to unforeseen actions.

One last set of clones to jump into, and out of and then I think all will be set.

Have a good weekend folks Ill update you as I can with the new direction 🙂

As always to anyone who knows me I am fond of saying

“Good Hunting”



T-3 Once more into the breach

•April 14, 2011 • 3 Comments

Before I told the general folks at CEPTA I was leaving  there was an announced tournament within CEPTA an all T1 cruiser class tournament. 2v2 format. Sunday ( the day I was able to step away from some housework and play) was the day of the start of the tournament.

The first match was myself and Nitrov54 versus Dusk Nemesis and Carl Treumra.

I was a substitute, for a pilot that was having connection issues, so I was traded a ship given some general guidelines and off we went 10 minutes later we were fighting. (bad luck for Delta One)

The field of battle was 100KM circle, we could warp into the central beacon at any distance.  The enemy group could as well.  Both in our own respective TS3 channels we knew who we were up against but not what. They did not know what we would bring either. The ships could be rigged but no implants all t1 Gear no faction/no tech 2 gear.  Last pilot or group of pilots standing got the win.  The tournament  is double elimination.

Nitro and I talked for about 5 minutes and the first team undocked and went to their safe non-scannable warp in point. The spectators then undocked and warped to a spectator spot coordinated by Niron ( also the judge).  Nitro and I undocked, and warped to our non scannable safe spot.  We settled the fleet bonuses ( I have great leadership skills now) and Nitro and I ( upon the judge giving us a countdown ) initiated warp to 100KM of the beacon.

Our strategy keep range and pound the hell out of them with long range missile bombardment.

Their strategy come in close and drop a shit ton of drones on one/both of us.

Once Nitro and I hit the grid we MWD’d away from each other at 90KM orbit on the beacon.  We locked both targets and then sensor damped one and overheated our missiles on the other.  Dusk was sensor damped by me Carl was sensor damped by Nitro.  No one ever locked us.

They burned towards nitro ( a mistake as I was a late fill in… and I would have gone for me) and we unleashed the volley’s

IN short order the Arbitrator we targeted ( Carl’s)  was dipping into armor, we kept pounding away…I closed to within 70KM and kept distance set on the primary.  Once he went down, we switched to dusk and maintained distance and we eliminated his ship.

What ship did I fly you might ask?  I laughed when I saw it but it made sense:

A Caracal.  Yep the silly missile flinging T1 ship which I almost never use any more.


High: 5 Arbalest heavy launcher

Medium 1 Y-F 10 MN MWD, 2 sensor damps, 1 sensor booster ( range script), 1 Cap injector

Lows: 2 X BCS

Funny that one of the last battles I would probably be in was against the CEO and a veteran pilot & the PvP director and I would win ( unscratched) in Caracals. Quite Ironic given my disregard for the missile spamming ships in EvE.

Irony it seems has a way of coming around and biting me 🙂

TC all and Good Hunting

T- 5 days

•April 12, 2011 • 4 Comments

Phase three for a Mule in EvE has a green light…ground control shows no bad weather patterns

…the board is solid green and we are T- 6 days from launching into the great unknown,

we are almost done in final preparations,  launch day is the 18th of April.

For my entire time back in EvE I have been with CEPTA ( in one form or another).  This group of very rugged individuals was kind enough to grant me a place to call home since 2007.  After FanFest 2011,  I realized much to my dismay that nothing would be done in the 0.0 / Sov warfare spectrum for at least 12 to 18 months.

I cannot wait that long, while something just dies a slow cold death, so I have set my sights anew and am going to venture forward.  I never do anything without a plan, which has taken some time, but now I should be all set to blast off to some new adventure.  I have hinted at it, in some past blogs since FanFest 2011, but the final destination I’ll let you folks know as soon as all the details are finalized.

A hefty wallet, a decent ship or three, should help me in the journey forward.

I will miss CEPTA, they are an incredible bunch, dedicated, hard working, and 200 times more fun than I ever thought I’d have.  Were it not for them I’d have walked away 2 years ago, they kept me intrigued and happy to be part of them.  They want to stay in 0.0 and I do not blame them, but I want out of the broken Sov mechanics, the no new COMBAT ships for  4 years ( aside from T3 cruisers), and the lagfest inducing monster that the large 0.0 battles have become.  Time dilation from what I can grasp of it will help many people out if it can be brought into the game.  The Sov warfare space holding stuff is just well…broken, I do not want to beat my head any more asking ” why is X and Y not working”, instead we chart a new course.

I still want large battles but I want to actively be able to play first…size of the battle is secondary to actually being able to fight.  Sinking hours/weeks/ months worth of time into something only to have things fall apart because you cannot give any more is a bitter pill to swallow, but life and EvE marches on, and so too must I.

I could not  wish anyone to find a better corporation (if they decide to start recruitment again ( I was a recruiting officer there) it would be a great home to a moderately skilled player).  They are certainly the yardstick by which others will be measured.

Some people as always deserve a bit of recognition:

CEO Carl Tremura a Swedish living, NJ born guy, who has always fought hard in anything he has done has my award for best all out “gank” player ever.  He fits ships to deal out as much DPS as fast as possible and flies some of the nastiest setups ever.  One hell of a diplomat he could sell Ice to the Inuit and they would thank him for it. Carl could have said “fly into hell”, and I’d have done it, you rarely always agree with everyone, but respect..I have that for him in vast quantities.

PvP Director Nitrov54, never ever underestimate the power of a single player.  Nitro taught me tha…t he has an ability to rally people to a cause and a mission like no other, he exudes confidence and power .  Where I may have force of will HE has the force of conviction.  You ever see him and want to know if you’ll survive?  You won’t… in the last 3 years I think he has lost something close to 10 ships and has killed well over 1200.  That is one loss for every 120 kills. Nitro would ahve led the charge flying into hell and taken it over.

PvP ops Director Gixxer 1000 An excellent strategist who does not mind telling it like it is, always a font of common sense and great counter setup wizardry he always made me laugh and smile , he and I did the recruiting together and I worked with him for a long while.Lately he has been out of game for a bit with various RL stuff but that particular voice always had me smiling. Gixxer too would have come along and convinced them that the takeover was a great idea.

Ops Director Moordor~  When Moordor showed up to a fleet I never died.  he always had my back and god love him I will miss his ability to save my ass when needed.  If I went out on an op and he didn’t show I would seem to die a great deal more often.  With “papa bear” on the scene I always knew he had my back.  I will miss you bro.

Niron ~ One hell of a linux coder between he and Brydan they kept my head on straight when we developed the framework we used for SYS-K 2.0 internal and external web pages.  Many late night countless hours were spent by the three of us working hard to help SYS-K 2.0 succeed and for the sheer amount of effort put in these two deserve medals. He and Brydan would have coded it so that we knew in hell where we were.

Delta One ~ My buddy, he wrote a mail yesterday that almost caused me to rethink leaving.  What can you say about a good friend who always is willing to do what you do and will always have your back? You treasure them as they are better than gold.

Pritch1~ the brit, who single handed made me, “up my game” in terms of PvP.  One hell of a pilot, a good joke teller, and just an all around awesome guy to fly with.  If you ever see pritch1 and Nitro  run the other way …you have been warned.

Dusk Nemisis~ Carl’s alter ego that pushed me hard to get more kills as I could, without his name at the top of our killboard it would have been hard to set a good goal ( he doesn’t play a ton anymore , but is still in the top3 deadliest pilots ( along with pritch1 and Nitrov54) I ahve ever been privileged to fly with.

There are many others and I could go on and on but enough wallowing.

Time to forge ahead.

Good Hunting all !

Frustration combat

•April 11, 2011 • 8 Comments

SO lots of things changing… all over.

Editor’s note I Am NOT frustrated…but MANY people are!

Lets recap:

  1. Mynxee , Teadaze, Vuk Lau, etc stepping away for a time. 3 of 9 CSM stepping away I think shows three things:
    1. Burnout on the CSM is a easy thing to do
    2. There really only is one step left, if after talking to CCP,  they decide to implement a thought/ design/ philosophy you cannot work around
    3. They know stuff we do not, and some are unhappy about it.
  2. FF2011 a very few actual details were announced leading many to wonder WTF is going on.  Turrets are awesome in demonstration. That however is NOT enough for the EvE citizens in a large degree.
  3. One of the things that is announced and promised etc for quite some time now blows up in their faces. ( the forum debacle)
  4. We will be able to walk around in our quarters come this summer’s expansion. The Avatar will take prominence rather than the ship, this change while good for many has some groups irritated ( they cannot take part if in wormholes, if there IS not station, what about titan/SC pilots who cannot dock?, and if they do not WANT to do it they will be forced to.
  5. We know almost nothing about when DUST514 will launch.
  6. We know almost nothing about the details surrounding the Incarna expansion.  We get to walk around in our quarters that is it?

For every bit of new info they give us we ask 3 new questions.

  1. Will wormholes be iterated on?
  2. Will we ever get a new ship class ( T3 frig or T3 BC?)
  3. Will Sov system be reworked? (because it sucks ass so much)
  4. Will faction warfare be looked at ever again?
  5. Will this game turn into Super capitals online?
  6. How will DUST integrate in?
  7. Is all the new content as unpolished as the new forums?

The changes made by BFF team (an absolutely idiotic  name by the way) has been praised over and over again as they make living in EvE easier/better/simpler. This is a positive change and more than welcome.

Each of these things feed upon themselves.

Have you ever been in a  corp/alliance and someone high up leaves and then others do too, some you did not know would do so?  I have seen it first hand. It happens a great deal, human behavior is tricky. This leads to an increase in frustration.

Have you ever put in everything you have and then the thing you were trying for did not go your way?  Failure of 2 iterations of SYS-K taught me a great deal. To say it wasn’t PAINFUL is to lie. To not learn from the loss would be idiotic, you get smarter by defeats than victories. Seeing people doing things that you believe leads to failure and them not changing something is also  frustrating.

Have you ever been so frustrated that you yell and scream at the PC?  Yep I have done that as well.  Most people I know with have gotten to this point more than once.

Have you ever know someone on the Internet that doesn’t like to bitch and moan about something? Yes even yours truly has done that as well. SO you yell and yell and yell and hope to god that SOMEONE is listening

Have you ever done anything that a group likes and then the group asks you to do MORE of it?

EvE is an Experience.  It is the epitome of frustration, the burning lust of desire, the adrenaline rush of CONTACT, and the crushing pain of abject defeat.  Yet we cannot ( most times) pull ourselves away from something with this much impact on our daily lives.  EvE technically is a game, it is easy to say “do not log in” but when you have spent years of time playing it, trying to master it, relearning it over and over and over again, not logging in…. is to throw away all you have learned.

I get the frustration behind kieth’s post here:

I understand some the frustration level felt by  Mynxee and Teadaze, and others :

I feel the frustration of the community that I met at FF2011 with no details to speak of want to know why people were yelling Fuck Yea?  It was the only detailed piece of information we were given and we wanted MORE!

I understand and echo the frustation of Helecity Bosun post here:

I join with TheElitist the others about how idiotic CCP was regarding a critical informational channel.

Why are people so frustrated?  Lack of clear communication… and the wonton destruction of trust regarding the forums as a communications channel with CCP.

Easiest way to combat frustration is give people info, fastest way to increase frustration is destroy any faith in a given information channel(forums). Lets hope the right the ship rather quickly… we are leaning WAY over on the port side

batten down the hatches all, and pray tht the water doesnt rush into the gunports!

Good Hunting